A Moment with Mama Medicine

A Moment with Mama Medicine

Deborah Hanekamp is Mama Medicine.

Even as a child, she had a special ability to see and intuit people’s energy. Harnessing that unique skill to help others, she began practicing what she later dubbed, “Medicine Readings,” for people seeking spiritual guidance. Once she officially gave her modality a name, she attracted attention from the likes of Vogue and The New York Times and countless followers.

Today, Hanekamp works to reflect people’s true gifts and struggles back to them during one-on-one sessions, group ceremonies and retreats, as well as through a new online platform which allows her a worldwide reach.

Here, the spiritual guide explains why her true calling is to render herself obsolete, teaching her clients that they possess the power to heal themselves:

Live The Process: How and when did you begin doing readings?

Deborah Hanekamp: For as long as I can remember, I've been able to see the human energy field—the aura. As a child, there were certain places or people that I would love being around because of the colors they had in their aura and others that I would try to avoid because their colors felt too intense for me.

As a teenager, I began developing a language around auras and then started to be able to translate this language to English: what blue means, what magenta means, what violet means and so on. Because I could see so much about people, I felt as though it was almost selfish not to help others when I could see they really needed it. So, I began facilitating what we now call “Medicine Readings” at the age of seventeen. It wasn't always easy though; I had to learn a lot about boundaries and how, in order for people to heal, they actually have to want to heal. I had to learn that even though I deeply cared for others, they were not my responsibility. 

LTP: Can you describe what a person might experience in coming to see you?

DH: My offering is called Medicine Readings, a modality that I created because no other modality I’ve tried really fit what I was doing. Medicine Readings come in a one-on-one, group, retreat and now online format. My clients are spiritual seekers who are visiting me to pick up some tools and align themselves on their paths to being their own healers.

When you come for a Medicine Reading, we chat for a bit, then I read your aura and tell you what I see coming up that could be hidden talents and gifts or blocking you in some way. You already know a lot of what I say to you because I can only say what is already in your auric field. I just act as a sounding board and a mirror.

Then you lay down on a crystal bed and I facilitate a healing ceremony for you with crystals, sound, scent, energy balancing and distance healing. We end with me prescribing you a ritual bath and some spiritual homework. I ask clients to not come more than once a month, so they are not reliant on me, but on their own wise hearts.

LTP: When did you officially begin offering ceremonies and how have your offerings evolved?

DH: Medicine Readings have been a really organic process for me, as I started facilitating healing for people at such a young age. But there was a powerful moment when I was feeling really empowered after having my daughter, when I sat down humbled and asked the universe how it would like to work through me. The answer I got was “Medicine Readings.” As soon as I started offering them, I began getting amazing press and droves of wonderful clients. All of my Medicine Reading offerings from the one-on-one to group to retreat are designed to help each person be his or her own healer and feel empowered on that path. This inspired me to create my new online offering called B.Y.O.H. (Be. Your. Own. Healer.) where you can sign up to receive access to my online store and favorite tools for healing, a channeled message, a program of personal rituals and a sound healing experience. I’m really grateful to have developed such an accessible offering that can reach people worldwide.

As more and more spiritual seekers are waking up, there are going to be more and more charlatans telling people they have all the answers and taking their energy. My work is to help people understand that all the answers are with them and to help them clear the path to that understanding. 

LTP: What are some current beauty/wellness obsessions that keep you feeling balanced and healthy?

DH: I’m pretty obsessed with Sakara right now. Having really healthy plant-based food delivered to me has helped me maintain energy throughout a full day of Medicine Readings. 

LTP: What does happiness look like to you?

DH: Spending time with my family, laughing, cuddling and traveling, while I share Medicine Readings with the world. 

LTP: What does it mean to you to “Live The Process” and how can we all do that more each day?

DH: To me, “Live The Process” means staying in your authenticity and receptivity, being open to who are and how you are evolving in every moment. Being who you need you to be and trusting that you are enough for everyone else. Trusting that your heart holds your highest wisdom and all the answers you need are within you.

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