A Moment With Lili Mineni

A Moment With Lili Mineni

Lili Mineni has the kind of beauty that radiates from within—and she wants you to have it too.

Shaped by her Boulder, Colorado upbringing, the lauded aesthetician first learned about the nature of beauty from the women in her family. And, thanks to her parent’s market, she was surrounded by fresh vegetables and fruit. But it was during her mother’s battle with cancer that she became truly aware of the powerful link between what we ingest and our health.

Ultimately, Mineni moved to LA, working at some of the city’s most celebrated skincare spots, earning her degree in Integrative Nutrition and becoming an expert on the most innovative anti-aging advancements.

In 2015, she went out on her own, opening Lili Mineni Naturally Advanced Skincare in Santa Monica. Her intimate clinic is a true reflection of her ideals; she approaches clients with inherent kindness (allotting each person two hours!) and coaxes natural beauty to the surface using the latest technology, without distress to the skin or body.

Here, Mineni explains why she wants you to love yourself. Your beauty—among other things—depends on it:

Live The Process: How did your upbringing influence your future passion for both beauty and wellness?

Lili Mineni: I am the youngest of four girls and was very close to my mom. I have always admired the women in my life. They taught me how to groom myself and included me in their beauty regimens. My mom was a great support in allowing me to explore my identity. She was the one that cut our hair and, when I was old enough, she introduced me to henna and brow shaping. My mom was diagnosed with lymphoma when I was 10. She was given three months to live and started treatment immediately. She let me shave her head when her hair started falling out. I remember thinking how beautiful and strong she was without her hair, brows and lashes. That was when I realized what it truly meant to be beautiful.

I grew up surrounded by fruits and vegetables; my parents owned a market that stocked only fresh produce. My dad would let me go with him to pick up his orders and, while he was doing business, I would explore the farm. It wasn’t until my mom’s cancer came back that I was introduced to food as medicine. She and my dad went to the Optimum Health Institute and, when they came home, our kitchen was filled with sunflower sprouts, wheat grass and a lot of veggies. She had an eight-year battle with cancer, but the diet that she embraced is what extended her life. I will be forever grateful that she left me with the knowledge of eating to live.

LTP: Once you starting working in beauty in LA and, ultimately, got your degree in Integrative Nutrition, what did you discover about anti-aging and skincare?

LM: My favorite discovery has been “The Love Deficiency” and the effect it has on people. When we don’t have deep connections with our friends, family and, most importantly, ourselves, our self-esteem suffers. Self-love is so important in the fight against aging: Our thoughts and actions have a direct impact on our stress hormones and will cause premature aging without a doubt. I am always honored when a client comes in and feels safe enough to share their true feelings. The moment we are able to be vulnerable, we allow ourselves to feel empowered to love.

My absolute favorite technology is Microcurrent. This treatment is the most holistic and effective approach to repairing the signs of aging. Treatments have a cumulative effect and are able to increase skin elasticity, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, improve muscle tone, lift sagging brows and jowls, drain lymphatic nodes and increase circulation and cellular communication. The results are noticeable after the first treatment. To boost a micro current treatment, I recommend adding an LED light; it’s the cherry on top. LED lights give an instant glow to the skin by increasing circulation and energizing your cells to repair free-radical damage and tissue damage. The beauty of LED lights is that you can apply active topical treatments and increase their efficacy. I love adding Retinaldehyde, Niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, sea buckthorn extract, mandelic acid and growth factors.

LTP: How did you come to launch Lili Mineni Naturally Advanced Skincare?

LM: I opened in August 2015. I was inspired to open a skincare studio that put the environment and the health of others first. We are exposed to so many harmful elements every day, and I felt that, if I was to be true to what I stand for, I needed to use the most sophisticated products and technologies. I developed a simple menu that is directed towards rebuilding the skin naturally. I wanted to fill the gap between the invasive treatments and the spa treatments. It was also important that I provided an experience that’s luxurious, indulgent, personal, nurturing and result-driven. I schedule two hours for each client—that way their skin gets the attention it needs, without being rushed. I want my clients to leave feeling inspired and hopeful about their skin. My underlying philosophy is to think of your skincare as you would your diet: If it’s going to cause inflammation, stay away from it!

LTP: What drew you to choose the Osmosis: Pür Medical Skincare line for your treatments after much research?

LM: I was drawn to Osmosis because they prioritize the overall quality of their products. The packaging is BPA-free, the products are chirally correct, gluten free, medical strength and free of harmful ingredients. The results that this line provides are instant. I’m big on serums and all of their serums are truly unique. Depending on my skin from day-to-day, I alternate Catalyst AC-11, Stem Factor, Rescue and Calm. My favorite product is the Refresh PM for the eye area. It is the most hydrating eye cream, and it doesn’t irritate my eyes.

Internal wellness is also an important part of skincare. The biggest problem I see is hormonal imbalances and this will cause breakouts, sebum imbalance and premature aging. Osmosis has developed a line of harmonized waters that provides internal cellular balance. My favorite water is Hormone Health. This product aides in the balance of hormones, thyroid deficiencies, hair activity, menopause, man-o-pause, infertility and libido. Harmonizedwater.com gives an in-depth explanation of how these waters work.

LTP: Aside from skincare, what wellness practices and rituals do you personally employ to keep yourself feeling balanced, healthy and your best?

LM: I am a walking fool; I walk between three to five miles a day. I always leave my phone behind to ensure that my mind has the opportunity to decompress. Another daily must is myofascial release by using a foam roller. It’s true—aging comes with aches and pains—and this therapy allows normal blood flow to return and the restoration of healthy tissue. TIP: This is something you can use on cellulite to help diminish the appearance.

Last but not least, stay hydrated! I go to sleep with a tall glass of water next to my bed and drink it first thing in the morning. TIP: Add a squeeze of lemon. This gets my day off to a health-conscious start.

LTP: What does happiness look like to you? 

LM: Happiness is living authentically.

LTP: What does it mean to you to “Live The Process” and how can we all do that more each day?

LM: “Live The Process” means living a life that I am proud of. We live in a world that can be overwhelming at times, but by embracing integrity, compassion and empathy, we create a strong foundation that is easier to balance.

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