A Moment with Lesse

A Moment with Lesse

For Neada Deters, Lesse is more. 

The Australian-born writer and brand strategist—who now lives in LA—was surrounded by nature as a child. And, like many organic skincare collection founders, she was inspired to create her own line by both her love of the outdoors and a desire to remedy her own skincare issues. But what separates Deters and Lesse—her brand new beauty brand—from the pack is an emphasis on quality over quantity and a dedication to holistic efficacy. Each of her few products is designed to support and/or improve any skin type—without chemicals, toxic ingredients or overthinking.

Here, she explains why caring for skin should be a pleasant reminder to pause: 

Live The Process: You have experience in many lifestyle categories. What sparked your interest in skincare specifically?

Neada Deters: I have always loved skincare, but never thought I might launch my own brand. It was really a personal journey, motivated by my own chronic skin issues after moving to New York from Sydney. I spent years trying every product under the sun and reached the point where I was going to turn to medication. I knew there had to be a simpler, organic, but still effective solution, though. So, I decided to create my own, and I went from having really low self-confidence from breakouts and wearing makeup anytime I left the house to, now, not even owning foundation. I hope it transforms how others look and feel too.

LTP: Why is it important for you that your products be organic?

ND: Growing up in Sydney, I was never more than a five-minute walk from the beach. Nature is everything to me, and I feel a bit listless and unsettled when it’s not a part of my daily life. It’s the reason I had to leave New York in the end: to be closer to nature. That’s part of why I am so adamant about all Lesse products being organic, but it’s also about our health. What’s more important to me than anything is that our products are effective, yet really healthy for use day after day, year after year.

LTP: What is the concept behind Lesse (including being so minimal and pleasing to the eye)?

ND: Lesse launched four months ago, and the concept is really organic, elevated, effective skincare—simplified. We will never have 100 products. Instead, we focus on creating essential products that work to balance the skin from the inside out.

So, each product is formulated to work in harmony with all skin types. For example, our Ritual Serum is extremely anti-inflammatory, so it works incredibly well for those with rosacea or chronic acne. It’s also build-able and absorbs well, so its efficacy ranges from dry to oily skin. All of our products are build-able or multi-use, unisex, organic, travel-sized and packaged in glass to show extra care to the environment.

Love that you appreciate the design! I think it’s so important to make skincare a peaceful process, more ritual than routine. Keeping things minimal and elevated inspires us to take a little extra care and time for ourselves.

LTP: Are there any products, practices or rituals (aside from your own) that keep you feeling balanced and healthy?

ND: Coffee in the morning on our front porch, long hikes in Malibu Canyon, early mornings at the beach, hot yoga.

LTP: What does happiness look like to you?

ND: A perfect day at the beach, followed by a long dinner with my family and friends.

LTP: What does it mean to you to Live The Process” and how can we all do that more each day?

ND: We’re often so fixated on what lies ahead that we neglect to thrive in the moments each day that are our evolution and experience—and ultimately define who we are, what we have the capacity to become. Living the process is to enjoy the expansion of ourselves, in whatever aspect of our lives that might be. It’s a lovely, and necessary, idea.

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