A Moment With Jenni Kayne

A Moment With Jenni Kayne

For Jenni Kayne, design is a calling that came early.

By the age of 19, she had started her eponymous collection, which has come to epitomize—if not define—California’s soft minimal aesthetic. Influenced by motherhood, nature, travel and luxury as a lifestyle, Jenni Kayne’s line encompasses apparel, home décor, entertaining and wellness. Her blog, Rip&Tan, named for her two children, gives the inside scoop on everything from favorite recipes compliments of creative friends to setting the holiday mood.

Here, the designer discusses the importance of finding balance between family, work and self-care:

Live The Process: When did you discover your passion for style and, more specifically, a warm but minimal aesthetic?

Jenni Kayne: I went to a Chanel show with my mom when I was very young and I knew from then on that I wanted to be a designer. I started my line when I was 19 and was focused on fashion, but then I got married and had kids at a young age. From there, my interests expanded to include home décor, entertaining and wellness. I think I have always been drawn to warm and minimal tones and textures, in everything from nature to fashion to home décor.

LTP: How does your love of the outdoors inspire your collections?

JK: I’ve always felt at peace in nature. I ride my horse several times a week and our family spends summers in Lake Tahoe, where we’re outside practically all the time. There’s something grounding about the outdoors that I really connect with. I think that connection translates into my collection as well as my interest in natural beauty, pottery, whole foods and florals in our stores and on Rip & Tan.

LTP: Is it important for you that your outer appearance is a reflection of your inner state?

JK: I am a Virgo and I love to have things orderly, but I also have two young children. I think by favoring a simple, classic, modern aesthetic both in my wardrobe and at home, I’ve left room for a little bit of chaos and disorder.

I respect small designers and cherish products with craftsmanship and integrity. Incorporating those pieces into my life, and using them to create memories with my friends and family, makes me happy.

LTP: Your line seems to be about more than fashion: It’s also about lifestyle. What, for you, is the key to a wholesome, balanced household and life?

JK: I try to live a very well-rounded life, balancing work with family and self-care. I want our customers to be able to do the same, so I design our collection and curate our stores accordingly. I only make and carry pieces that are classic in some way and surpass trends. I try to design items that can be worn for day or night, work or play. I support designers who marry form and function and create products that will last for a long time. I think products with these qualities make a busy life easier and more enjoyable in many ways.

LTP: What is your wellness obsession at the moment?

JK: I drink celery juice every morning. It is incredible for the digestive system!

LTP: What does happiness look like to you?

JK: Spending time with family, being in nature and traveling.

LTP: What does it mean to you to “Live The Process” and how can we all do that every day?

JK: I try to be the best version of myself, whether it's through being a mother or a business woman, but I also make space to relax and take care of myself. I think not trying to be everything at once is important. It’s all about balance.

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