A Moment with Inside/Out

A Moment with Inside/Out

Alison Beckner is an explorer.

The creative consultant, brand strategist and lifestyle entrepreneur—who grew up between Tennessee and France—has spent much of her life in pursuit of interesting and exhilarating experience. She worked for 15 years in the fashion and lifestyle industries, and, in 2013, founded Scout Consulting, an agency specializing in transformational travel, brand development and mind/body talent representation.

In 2016, she cofounded Inside/Out, the first bilingual platform for women’s empowerment to foster creativity through sports, health and wellness. She is also a writer and contributing editor for outlets including Vogue Living, Vogue Beauty and Condé Nast Traveler.

Here, Beckner explains why, these days, she’s finds herself most inspired to slow down and investigate experience within:

Corinne Stoll for Inside/Out

Live The Process: Have you always been passionate about communications, travel and/or wellness?

Alison Beckner: I have always been a connector and a communicator. I played team sports from a young age, until college, so community and teamwork have always been a part of my life. I was fortunate enough to have parents who encouraged me to indulge in a variety of creative pursuits from piano and saxophone (I was pretty good) to horseback riding, theater and dance (I was pretty awful, but love it anyway). Being insatiably curious, I always knew I wanted to travel the world, meet interesting people, discover different cultures and challenge myself. It’s only recently that I started to understand the importance of occasionally staying inside my comfort zone. And, while I was moderately health-conscious most of my life, my focus on wellness came later. Partly, I embraced it as a way to reduce stress, improve sleep and deal with various ailments, but also definitely as a reaction to working in the fast-paced and, to me, mostly unfulfilling fashion and luxury industries for so long. Physically, spiritually and emotionally, I wanted something more, something deeper.

LTP: What drives you to do the work you do, empowering others?

AB: I am driven by passion and the inspiring people around me. I am convinced that, by educating ourselves, facilitating talent and creating communities of likeminded humans online and in real life, we can make the world a better, safer and more empowered place.

LTP: How did you come to launch Inside/Out?

AB: Inside/Out began in Paris in the spring of 2016. I ran into a old colleague and, now associate, Jessica Boukris, in the locker room at our cycling studio. We decided to powwow about the need for a platform and creative agency that was focused on women and wellness, with insightful information, expert interviews and community at the core. We are now based between Paris and the U.S., with Inside/Out Media including podcasts (our first were for UNESCO) and other exciting verticals in the works. As a creative consultancy, we are working with brands on unique and relevant content for events, advertising campaigns, corporate wellness and retail consulting. We are passionate about bringing amazing, strong women to the masses.

Additionally, I work with a select roster of mind/body talent as a facilitator, helping to bolster their creative output and share their unique gifts on a global level.

LTP: What are some current wellness rituals that keep you feeling balanced and healthy, despite all your travel and exploration?

AB: I’m somewhat of an experience junkie and, while I used to be quite physical, I’m now trying to create more space in my body, go easier on myself and explore my own divine feminine.

I recently discovered three modalities that truly blow both my mind and body: 5Rhythms as facilitated by Kate Shela in Los Angeles, Breathwork with Lisa de Narvaez and the unique alchemy of experiences with the Wildfire Initiative.

I spent my youth in the mountains and countryside of Tennessee and recently fell in love with hiking again, though this time in California. As a Pisces, I love to swim anywhere and everywhere—most often in the Riviera Maya these days, as I’m based part-time in the Yucatan.

When I travel or even take a break from work, I love to have a favorite scent around, either flower essences created just for me by the magical Leeta Kunnel in Topanga or Aveda's Chakra 5 spray. I combine this with lots of sparkling water and lime when it’s warm out, cold showers and a gluten-free, dairy-free and primarily vegetarian diet. And premium tequila!

I believe in excess in moderation and moderation in excess. It’s the only way for me.

LTP: What does happiness look like to you?

AB: Time to be present with myself and my loved ones, including my partner and our fur babies. I love the energy of cities, but can only truly thrive if I also have access to a quiet home base, open skies and nature nearby, with either hills or water or both.

I’m happiest when I’m able to use my skills to connect the dots and bring inspiring people together to create empowered relationships and experiences.

As a result of having experienced some truly toxic behavior from both men and women in the past few years, I recently resolved—both professionally and socially—to reevaluate my relationships and focus solely on those people I trust, admire and who bring me up rather than down (or even stagnating).

My circle may diminish, but my sense of fulfillment only gets deeper. 

LTP: What does it mean to you to “Live The Process” and how can we all do that more each day?

AB: I’ve spent most of my life as a “go-go” girl. Lately, I’m learning to slow down and be more patient, starting with myself. To listen to my gut and my heart as much as my head—if not more. To react less and integrate more. And to stop taking things so seriously! I want to experience the joy in this journey and love the process as I live it.

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