A Moment With Gemstone Organic

A Moment With Gemstone Organic

The women behind Gemstone Organic want to at once ground and uplift others.

Founder and Chief Alchemist Debra Haugen has an inexorable connection with the earth: The future geological engineer spent her childhood collecting rocks and exploring the great outdoors. As an adult, she continued to lead an organic lifestyle, developing a fascination with plants, gemstones and spirituality—and eventually becoming a shamanic Reiki practitioner.

In 2011, Haugen began creating her own lotions and potions with high vibrational, organic, raw ingredients and gem elixirs, and without preservatives or toxins. Then, in 2013, just as she began to consider growing the business, she had the good fortune to connect with Sara Clement, a self-proclaimed“earth warrior” who immediately became the company’s “chief sorceress.”

Here, the “Moon Sisters” explain why healing others is the most magical gift:

Live The Process: When did your respective interests in holistic healing, wellness and plants come to light?

Sara B. Clement: I was raised in the suburbs of Chicago. For my big Italian family, love was always the emphasis in our home; wellness never really got a mention. It wasn’t until I was experiencing my own health issues that I was guided into the world of holistic healing and energy medicine. Then, when my mother and grandfather were both diagnosed with cancer, I started to look further into the types of products we were using in and on our bodies. This really helped to open my eyes and grew my interest in natural alternatives and plant medicine.

Debra S. Haugen : I had a magical childhood, growing up in Minnesota with a pond in the backyard for skating and summer exploring. My parents were avid nature-lovers, and we spent our falls and summers exploring the lakes and woods. I was introduced to herbs and holistic healing by my aunt at a young age, although it was later that I would follow in her footsteps. I was a hippie wanderer as a young adult, and it was my time in the Florida Keys that truly inspired my journey into holistic practices. Friends who were vegans shared so much with me on organic ingredients and eating mindfully. From there, it blossomed into a life of practice. I found my body loved the taste of tinctures and earthy root teas, and I began growing wheatgrass and sprouts. The joys of my holistic healing and wellness journey have included becoming a mother, spending three years in Tanzania and learning through so many teachers along the way.

LTP: What was your previous focus before launching this line?

SBC: I’ve been studying holistic wellness, as well as mind-body medicine, for many years. Since linking up with Debra, my knowledge of gemstones as well as plant medicine has grown tremendously.

DSH: I am the chief alchemist and founder of Gemstone Organic; my specialty is creating the crémes and formulating new products with my chief sorceresses! I am a geological engineer and a shamanic Reiki practitioner. I have had a love for gemstones since I was young, and studied Qi Gong and other healing modalities over the years. Bridging my scientific background with spirituality created these magical crémes!

LTP: How did Gemstone Organic come to be?

DSH: Gemstone Organic was founded in 2011. I began making my own skincare because I really wanted to use a fresh, raw and organic product that fit my holistic lifestyle. I had begun making my own herbal tinctures and gem essences and, so, it inspired me to create my own body products. I started to develop my own formulas using really high vibrational ingredients. I felt such a deep and personal connection to my gemstones that I was inspired to use my gem elixirs in the skincare. It was later, when friends and family began to ask me what I was using, that I was cajoled into creating my crème for others!

SBC: Deb and I first crossed paths back in 2004. Her son is a good friend of mine from college. It wasn’t until 2013 that she got the voicemail: “Mom! Call me back right away!” That changed everything. He and I had both landed in Los Angeles and were reconnecting. At the same time, Debra was looking to bring on a partner and really expand Gemstone Organic as a business. His lightbulb went off, and suddenly we were two Moon Sisters brought back together again. It has really been the perfect combination for this brand.

Our line is really unique because our focus is on “Radically Holistic Beauty.” We believe that our inner beauty shines bright when we take care of ourselves holistically. Also, our values and standards for ingredients and purity are far beyond what other brands are doing. We are a little radical in our ways, refusing to use preservatives or follow shallow trends. We believe in doing things the right way, with heart-felt integrity and intention.

LTP: How do you each keep yourselves feeling balanced?

SBC: There are many simple things I do to keep myself balanced like taking long walks at night, meditating and chanting. One of my favorite personal wellness rituals is what I call my ‘chakra baths.’ I love to take an intentional bath, bringing in crystals, essential oils, candles and music devoted to clearing my chakras and restoring my energy body back to balance.

DSH: I love the practice of Kundalini yoga and the I-Ching. I find that I can balance best when I chant/sing and use symbolism to bring my thoughts inside for a deeper meditation. My days are happiest when I take the time to ground and breathe. Chanting has been one of my biggest awakening tools. I think it takes the parts of my earlier spiritual life and blends it together with my spiritual practices of today in a way that brings me so much joy!

LTP: What does happiness look like to you?

SBC: Happiness is letting your inner light shine so beautifully bright that it can’t help but radiate onto the person standing next to you in the checkout line, leading them to smile too. It’s ruthless kindness and unsolicited gratitude. It’s fully embracing our oneness with the universe.

DSH: Love. Family. Oceans. Mountains. Starry mornings. Sunrises. Moonlight. Song Birds. Majestic trees. Flowers. Sunsets. Singing. Dancing.

LTP: What does it mean to you to “Live The Process” and how can we all do that more each day?

SBC: To me, it means to be aware. We are all living our own processes, some of us on very different paths with different agendas for our lives. We can all “Live The Process” simply by bringing awareness into our thoughts and actions. We can do this by living with intention and connecting with ourselves everyday. I like to check in with myself daily, asking myself how I am, what my intentions are, being aware of my own consciousness. This helps me stay grounded and live my life to its fullest potential.

DSH: For me, to “Live The Process” means that, as I create my healing crémes for others, the process in turn heals me. Do what you are called to do, what you find joy in, and it will bring you health and wealth of spirit.

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