A Moment With Emilie Rambaud

A Moment With Emilie Rambaud

Ever since childhood, Emilie Rambaud has looked for the opportunity to create light in every situation. She applies this gift to all aspects of her life, treating each moment as a chance to do good and contribute meaning.

Established with that philosophy in mind, her brain child, Glowing Collective, is invitation-only “online hub of like-minded designers, artists, entrepreneurs, thinkers, friends and food lovers” who use their respective crafts to spread positivity throughout the world. Their creations—from jewelry and books to recipes and events—are designed to conjure “inside-out beauty,” nourishing others in mind, body and spirit.

Here, Rambaud shares how she surmounts moments of discouragement and offers advice on letting go of reticence and embracing what life sends your way

Live The Process: How did your core belief that “everything is an opportunity to create light” develop?

Emilie Rambaud: I was unfortunately confronted to a lot of darkness and suffering during my childhood and seeing the world through the spectrums of light became “survival mode” for me. Seeing the light in others and myself has become my greatest asset in embracing and growing all aspects of my life.

LTP: What is Glowing Collective all about and what is your vision for its future?

ER: I felt so inspired by the beauty I was experiencing through people, places and ideas that I needed to share it and hopefully inspire others to see it too. Our brand is an inside-out beauty brand, featuring the most beautiful people I know and the most amazing essentials of beauty I can imagine. It's about celebrating an energy, a collective force of beauty.

My vision for the company’s future is to curate and create luxury essentials of beauty through our products, events and experiences. Whether it's offering a magical dinner of food and fashion, bringing glowing souls together for an inspiring moment or creating an all time beauty essential to feed your skin and spirit, I see our collective energy transforming beauty, redefining luxury and celebrating the world's inner light.

I want to help manifest our collective energy of beauty in any of the products, events and experiences we create. Connect glowing souls around the world.

LTP: How do you handle days when you find it more difficult to stay positive?

ER: Every day, I come across thoughts of fear or discouragement—I question my capacity to share my message with the world. Each of those times, however, I remember the one person I made smile, the beautiful conversation I had with someone else, and then I realize I am doing it one person at a time and that's already great. This brings a lot of meaning into my life.

LTP: What tips would you offer people who struggle with trusting the Universe out of fear of risk and/or change?

ER: I would tell them that when you act out of pure intentions, the Universe will provide you all the support you need, and even more. Trusting that you're doing the right thing for you and the world is the first step in trusting the Universe and all the changes and unknowns ahead.

LTP: What does happiness look like to you?

ER: Loving and being loved.

LTP: What does it mean to you to "Live The Process" and how do you do that every day?

ER: Living the process is embracing any opportunity, challenge, doubt and moment the Universe brings to create light within yourself and others. It's going for a walk when you feel stuck; it's closing your eyes to get back to your breathing; it's calling your best friend when things are just too much; it's believing in yourself and others; it's loving yourself and others; it's trying, again and again; it's trusting your body; it's listening to your soul and it's being true to yourself.

Find more information about Rambaud’s company here.

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