A Moment With Crystal Moselle

A Moment With Crystal Moselle

Crystal Moselle's list of achievements is not a brief one. Her first feature documentary was part of the Whitney Biennial and an official selection for the 2005 TriBeCa Film Festival. Her series "Something Big, Something Small" was picked up by the New York Times in which she featured Pharrel Williams, Aurel Schmidt and Shepard Fairey. Moselle worked with Spike Jonze on a short film for LA-based recording artist Aska. She has collaborated with powerhouse brands such as Levi's, Converse and Mac cosmetics, as well as renown designers like Ralph Lauren and Philip Lim. She is a regular contributor to Nowness, has handled literary promotion for Christopher Bollen, and just recently completed a short doc series for Art Basel that included profiles of Buckmister Fuller and Norman Foster.

While creating this oeuvre, Moselle has learned what works and what does not for her body and her mind. She rebelled against her strict up bringing by giving into temptation and excess in her early adult life but after a time, realized she felt best leading a life of wellness and positivity. Below, read how the New York-based film director balances her physical and mental well-being with her very busy schedule, and why she believes gratitude is key to achieving happiness.

Live The Process: How were you raised with respect to wellness?

Crystal Moselle: I was raised in a home with no sugar, meat or junk food. I actually didn't eat sugar till I was about three years old.  My mother is the queen of health; she felt guilty because I once called her from a birthday party to see if I could have the birthday cake.  It was a little extreme. The good part about it was that I was educated from an early age about nutrition and health, and it became a part of who I am. Although wellness has a lot to do with eating and taking care of your body, I think the most important thing is wellness within your mind.  I was raised to be very optimistic and to try to focus on positive things and that happiness keeps you healthy.

LTP: Have you always followed a lifestyle focused on wellness, and was there any point where it changed?

CM: Wellness was ingrained in my upbringing, so when I was in my rebellious stages I started experimenting with everything that wasn't 'Healthy'. This ranged from crappy food, to experimenting with drugs to pessimism. This was mostly in my early twenties and when I hit twenty-six, I knew I needed to make a change because I was losing myself. At a certain point you feel numb from all the substances and to me life is about feeling things.

LTP: Were there any events that triggered you to get back on track?

CM: I think the major turning point was when I got sick after a crazy summer of indulgence. Although I felt sick in my body, I felt so much clarity in my mind from not drinking and eating pizza and various other things. After that I did a cleanse and again I was just so into the way it made my mind feel. This is what paved the road for me and it has all fallen into place from there.

LTP: Do you find it easy leading a healthy lifestyle while living in New York and traveling a lot?

CM: I don't find it easy. For me health isn't a straight line, and I have learned how to get myself back on track by understanding my patterns when I travel and get very busy.  The two things that are the most important to me is green juice and meditation.  If I can stick with those two, everything seems to right itself beautifully.

LTP: What are some wellness tips you can give to others that are trying to take better care of themselves?

CM: I think that meditation is what saves me.  It really works with depression and staying focused on positivity.  I also make a point to eat 60% veggies at every meal as it keeps your body happy. Lastly, I think that being grateful is what will attract great things into your life.

LTP: How have focusing on wellness and being good to your body enhanced your life?

CM: It saved me.  I had to go back to my roots and realize that my mom was actually right.  She's sixty-three and looks forty-two because she has stuck to this way of living.

LTP: What does happiness look like to you?

CM: Happiness to me is about being inspired and making things from that inspiration.  I also feel the best when I am helping somebody or something.

LTP: What does it mean to you to "Live the Process," and how you do that every day?

CM: It's just about being diligent with the things that you know work in your life.  If you know that a certain thing makes you feel good then keep it up.  I have to constantly remind myself this.  It's especially challenging because I travel all over the place, but I try to keep it positive.  I think my optimism can drive people crazy sometimes - I think I drive myself crazy with it but oh well.

Pushing yourself in an uncomfortable direction is also a good thing because it keeps you moving and growing.  This all may sound cliche but it works.

photo credits: kayla varley, mike bogart

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