A Moment With Corinna Springer

A Moment With Corinna Springer

German-born Corinna Springer moved to Paris in 1994 to study French literature and fine art, but her interest in fashion soon led her to begin working with Japanese designer Shinichiro Arakawa instead. In May 1999, she became public relations manager at the well-respected showroom and PR Company Girault-Totem, and in 2002, graduated in with a degree in Fine Art from Paris VIII.

Springer experienced three life changing reiki initiations in 2003, which were her commencing encounters with a more tangible side of spirituality. They served as the building blocks for further exploration into other healing modalities. Around that same time, after having experienced nearly a decade of work in high-level Fashion PR in Paris, Corinna Springer then set her sights on New York City, taking the job of Public Relations Director at cult-denim and lifestyle brand, Rogan.

Two years later, after a few more spiritual initiations, Springer became a practitioner of the Rising Star healing system, and was simultaneously brought on to direct the newly assembled team at Helmut Lang in the re-launch of the established label. In October of the same year, Springer decided to start her own company, Nouveau PR and, in 2009, she combined healing and life coaching with her PR work, offering healing sessions in her showroom to clients, stylists, friends and family. Last year she wrote and published a guide to her view on metaphysics, An Intuitive Study of Reality.

Here she details the reading and experiences that led her to work with energy, and explains how treating yourself to what makes you happy will help you achieve more enlightened state of being.

Live The Process: How did you get involved with energy healing, massage and metaphysics?

Corinna Springer: I have always been searching for something "more" and I came across a few life-changing books when I was sixteen. The first book was Indestructible Energy, which stated, among many other things, that plants have consciousness. It describes scientific experiments where the electromagnetic waves of plants were being measured and the tests showed that they were actually reacting to violent acts (i.e. ripping of leaves and burning them) with a spike in EM waves. Then they were "reacting" as well to the people who committed those violent acts when they came back into the room. It was super interesting to me and made sense with the main message of the second book, the Bhagavad Gita, relating to the oneness of all beings. Those two books really helped me understand that everything is energy, and although I didn't pursue more spiritual readings for about ten years after that, this understanding opened me up to more metaphysical experiences.

Then one beautiful day in 2003, I was in a special power spot in southern Germany not far from where I was born, and I felt my hands start buzzing. It didn't take long to figure out that this was my wake up call to actually start working with energy, and I decided to get initiated into Reiki. This sparked an increased interest in and quest for all things metaphysical—books, teachings, and other healing systems—until this very moment.

LTP: Do you ever find it difficult to maintain balance between working in fashion and your personal metaphysical philosophy?

CS: Yes, of course! Especially within the past few years, I have come to experience so much through my inner senses that it is incredibly difficult to go back to work and deal with more superficial things. Once you're happily absorbed again in the 3D world then the other stuff can seem so unbelievable, and then it is sometimes difficult to get back to just being in the moment, and seeing everything from a higher perspective.

It's a dimensional stretch, but the more I practice it the easier it becomes. Frankly, I couldn't have it any other way. In the end, it's all about keeping a healthy balance between all worlds and experiences.

LTP: What tips can you give people who seek to hone their own intuitive understanding of themselves and reality?

CS: That is a very interesting question.

For me, it helped a great deal to have a more scientific approach to reality. Quantum physics confirms the age-old spiritual belief that all is one, and I think this understanding helps us to see our reality more as a mirror, rather than something inflicted upon us.

When we see situations and people as a mirror, we're less aggressive towards the exterior. We understand that they are lessons and learning experiences. We give up our victimhood and begin to take responsibility for our selves and our reality.

But first and foremost I believe that everyone has to feel that they resonate with a certain idea or thought, book or teacher.

It is vital to never give your own power away. To feel more empowered, one can strengthen his or her intuition by trusting it. The more you trust, the more you will be guided and the more you will "see" and "hear". Then, start communicating with your higher self, or spirit, or whatever you may call that higher power that lets you breathe. We all have the ability to do that: we just need to shut out the world and go within from time to time.

That doesn't necessarily mean focused concentration. I personally am unable to concentrate on one thing, even if it's just my breath. Instead you can go into the inner planes through the dimensional doors in your heart. You can achieve this by moving your consciousness within your body and there you can ask questions, experience beautiful journeys and interact with other beings. The heart is indeed where it all happens. Check out Living in the Heart by Drunvalo Melchizedek as he has uncovered a whole science about how to get into the heart and how to stay there, throughout everyday life.

Last but not least, I would like to cite Marianne Williamson here. If confronted with a difficult decision ask yourself: “What would Love do?” Following that as much as possible helps when dealing with difficult situations and people in our lives.

LTP: How do you hope sharing your view of reality will help others have a better view of their own?

CS: I don't see myself as a healer or teacher in the sense of helping people. I just think of myself as a channel for whatever information finds fruitful ground within the people around me, or helps to overcome disease or fear in others. That is not up to me, but to consciousness in general. I'm just a channel; I'm not doing anything.

Everyone gets what they need in any given moment. When someone is ready to take the next step in their lives they will attract that information, that person or whatever is needed to take that step.

At the same time, I am sharing all the time, through posts on my Facebook page “Nouveau Healing,” through conversations at my showroom with stylists who come in for pulls, and the book I recently wrote that gives a summary of my personal view of reality, An Intuitive Study of Reality.

Ultimately though, it is up to everyone to go back to what he or she feels is right deep within, and evaluate new information and re-evaluate old belief systems.

LTP: You urge people to follow their “highest excitement”—what is your definition of this?

CS: I stole that from a channeled entity that goes by the name " Bashar." This is how I think it works: Everything is energy so everything has a vibration, and by following and acting upon that activity we learn what raises our vibration in any given moment. We can use this when we feel low to make ourselves feel better—it can be as simple as walking around the block or calling a friend—because as we follow and emulate those higher frequencies, we begin to embody our "higher selves”.

As we continuously raise our vibration we step into new territories where eventually we will discover new passions and perhaps drastically change our lives. If we don't act on our highest excitement even at the smallest levels (like having a piece of chocolate), it is more difficult to find what we really want to do and exist on a grander level.

LTP: What does it mean to you to "Live The Process", and how do you do that every day?

CS: To me it means to live in a balanced way. To take enough time for your own well being, to be gentle and not judge yourself too harshly when you think you’ve made a mistake. Give that same treatment to others, but always remember that you cannot give if you don't have enough to give and therefore, put yourself first.

There are many lessons, but self-love is the most important one, and one that has been nearly erased from our daily lives.

For me personally, it is all about finding a way back to myself and my spirit, and I do that by honoring the needs of my body. When I need sleep, I will make certain that I can sleep longer in the morning, or I'll sleep a whole day on a weekend to charge my batteries. I monitor what I eat, and I stay away from harsh energies and toxic people. I actually realized that I now choose most things according to their vibration, not their appearance or price. The trick is to act on whatever excites you most as much as possible in any given situation, though that is contrary to what our society encourages us to do. 

Make time for whatever raises your vibration whenever you can and you will be happier. If that means less sleep and more work, do it anyway!

photo credits: greer versteeg, bjarne jonasson

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