A Moment With Betty Kay

A Moment With Betty Kay

Betty Kay wants the world to embrace magic.

The artist experienced an awakening to her interpretation of “magic” while seeking solace in nature for a broken heart. Later, she met photographer Chloe Crespi and knew they were destined to create together. So they founded In Pursuit of Magic, a “crusade to elevate consciousness and amplify meaning in this world.”

They don’t pull rabbits out of hats. Their concept is more metaphysical: Their magic is “the moment that people perceive the logic of the universe. The inexplicable and undeniable atmosphere that rests infinitely above the human canopy.”

In an effort to spread the good word, the two ladies have fostered an “IPM” street art movement, offering up stencils for likeminded questers, and a social media campaign. And, mostly recently, they designed an In Pursuit of Magic necklace, so followers can recognize each other. Staying true to their ethos of increasing the quality and quantity of spiritual substance everywhere, ten percent of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

Here, Betty Kay describes their shared goal to spread positivity and their methods for drawing out the magic in us all

Live The Process: When did you first personally experience magic?

BK: I believe magic is weaved within each of us.

Our moments of awakening or remembering who we are come at different times. Although I always lived in some state of magic, being fortuitously born in the Napa Valley and spending long days outside on my horse, connecting to the source, to nature, my largest shift happened because of heartbreak. My 26-year-old self was devastated by the rejection of a man I thought was my forever, plunging me to a point of deep introspection and solitude.

I would walk each day deep into the forest and lay in the middle of a large field, press my body face down against the ground and cry tears into the earth. Then, one day, after about a week of this ritual, I remember looking up into the sky and watching three birds fly across the horizon.

Something in that moment clicked; some connection to why we are here and what life is. A softening of the holding onto of a reality that I thought was meant to be, but was in actuality holding me back from the natural flow of things. My tears were simply here to water the ground to help me grow. My life up until that point had been so fluid—everything I wanted, happening and unfurling before me. This awakening allowed me to see, to touch the very fiber of magic.

I remember rushing home to tell my mother what I had discovered. She simply looked at me and smiled and said, “Welcome to this place; I was worried you would never understand and I am so happy that you do.” Since that day, magic has been my journey and pursuit.

LTP: What inspired you to cofound In pursuit Of Magic?

BK: IPM came into existence the moment we met. We knew instantly that we were meant to create something for the world together. IPM was conjured the very first day we set out to explore the kindred nature of our connection. The words came in the flash of a moment. To this day, neither of us know where the words came from, but, when they arrived, we knew without a doubt that we were meant to bring them forth. We nurture these words as if they were our own.

We invite others to let their meaning slowly unfold and discover what these four little words mean for them.

LTP: Do you ever feel discouraged in your crusade?

BK: This crusade we are undertaking has been such a remarkable gift. Having a partner to share the weight of it all is what allows it to continuously flow. On days when one of us can't seem to muster the light, the other steps up in the most profound way. Partnership and love seem to be what this movement thrives on. We also feel truly blessed to have social media as a tangible reflection of our efforts—as soon as doubt arrives, we’ll search through the #inpursuitofmagic hashtag and be humbled by the sea of magic being spread around the world.

This shared mission of positivity gives us reason to move forward. As soon as you realize how much bigger than yourself it all really is, doubt seems a silly waste of time.

LTP: How can a person try to experience magic?

BK: We believe that any time you take a big chance in life, in the direction of love or the greater whole, you open yourself up to magic. Also, getting still and quiet enough to hear your inner voice allows you to connect to the center of yourself and, therefore, to the magic that is patiently waiting to be heard.

LTP: What does happiness look like to you?

BK: Happiness is painting; creating for people I love; the sweet surrender of laughter. Happiness is connecting deeply to the present moment and allowing this remarkable wave I am riding to continue to carry me forward.

LTP: What does it mean to you to "Live The Process" and how do you do that every day?

BK: Living the process means staying in each moment as it appears. Living the questions, breathing life into the answers and finding the tiny pieces of magic that rest infinitely in the human canopy.

Find more information about the artist here and more about In Pursuit of Magic here.

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