A Moment With Amy Regan

A Moment With Amy Regan

For Amy Gordinier-Regan, beauty is found in tradition.

Her interest was sparked at a young age, when her father worked with Estée Lauder, who had undeniable mystique and entrepreneurial spirit. Thus, she began her own career, learning the fundamentals at L’Oreal, before moving onto boutique fragrance company, Jo Malone London.

Then one day, while shopping at her local apothecary, she was introduced to the then-owner of Skinfix and was intrigued by the all-natural formula that has remained unchanged for over 150 years. Deeply inspired, she coordinated the purchase of the company and, as its president since 2012, has dedicated herself to upholding the founding ideology: creating products with holistic ingredients—without steroids or synthetics—that heal irritated skin.

Here, Gordinier-Regan shares her journey to helping people heal and live better:

Live The Process: What first attracted you to the beauty and self-care industry?

Amy Gordinier-Regan: I always knew I wanted to work in the beauty industry. I envisioned it as the perfect combination of business, creativity and entrepreneurship. My father worked at Estée Lauder when I was young, and Estée herself mesmerized me: she was strong, brilliant, creative and fearless.

I started my career in brand management with L’Oreal and gained a strong foundation in the fundamentals of marketing, product development, manufacturing and finance. However, I always gravitated to the smaller brands that still maintained the entrepreneurial spirit that I admired in Estée Lauder. Working alongside Jo Malone at her namesake brand in London was a highlight of my career. Jo was an amazing mentor, and my experience working with her certainly motivated me to have my own business.

LTP: The original Skinfix healing ointment was created over 150 years ago, yet the formula has remained unchanged. Why have you stayed committed to these natural, holistic ingredients?

AGR: The core Skinfix formula was created when synthetics and chemical ingredients didn’t exist. Our original compound chemist relied on nature’s pharmacy to create the most effective product he could to treat eczema, dermatitis and rashes. He loaded the formulas with multiple active, natural ingredients that work in combination to treat skin irritation quickly and effectively. The skin more easily absorbs these natural ingredients because our bodies recognize them. Although it’s more costly to use all-natural ingredients, we are committed to maintaining the integrity of the core Skinfix recipe that has worked for generations. It’s amazing to us that, despite 150 years and scientific advances in technical skincare ingredients, Mr. Dixon’s formula is still the most effective topical treatment that we’ve seen. Most importantly, Skinfix products are 100% steroid- and hydrocortisone-free with 0% water, so they deliver concentrated healing benefits safely.

LTP: With your extensive history as a brand, it would be easy to rest on your laurels. What inspires you to continue to invent products that help heal people?

AGR: Our testimonials tell the stories of people who have spent years and lots of money searching for solutions to skin ailments. Many have tried endless prescriptions, long-term steroid use and myriad products to find relief from painful, irritating and often embarrassing skin conditions. When they find Skinfix, and it works to clear up a condition that they assumed was a life sentence, they pour their hearts out to us. The fact that Skinfix is natural and doesn’t contain steroids, which can weaken skin over time, is just an added benefit. First and foremost, our products work to relieve stubborn skin conditions. We hear from our fans that Skinfix gives them back their self-confidence, drastically improving their quality of life. I feel a sense of pride and satisfaction when I hear that our products relieved a baby’s eczema and eased parents’ anxiety. Stories like these encourage us to develop new products that help people who are suffering. Frequently, consumers tell us that they use our products successfully to heal conditions that they weren’t designed to treat. We research, consult with experts and brainstorm with our chemists to develop products that target skin irritation the most effective way.

The global medicated skincare market is projected to reach $3.8 Billion by 2017. There are huge segments of unmet skincare needs that no other brand is addressing head on. That’s where Skinfix is headed.

LTP: How does your personal wellness routine integrate your body and mind?

AGR: I am a runner and a sleeper. I need one for the other. I need both for sanity and calm. If I go more than two days without a run, I start to feel it. It is my meditation. It is where my creative juices flow. It strengthens my memory, and the endorphins are so essential! I find it even levels my appetite and makes me crave healthier food. I also eat a lot of protein; I suppose I am one of the paleo-types, who thrives on protein. Without lean protein and fresh veggies, I am a mess–tired, cranky and irritable. I am very affected by food, sleep and exercise.

LTP: What does happiness look like to you?

AGR: Sitting down to dinner with my boyfriend and my kids after a long day of swimming in the ocean and playing in the woods. The satisfaction of our lungs filled with fresh air, the comfort of a warm, home-cooked meal, the loyalty of my dog leaning against my knee, and love.

LTP: What does it mean to you to “Live The Process” and how do you do that every day?

AGR: For me, living the process is about being aware and tuned into the bigger picture. We are put on earth to have a human experience. I try to live the process by engaging with every person and every experience on a human level. Remembering that I am dealing with human beings as colleagues, customers and consumers makes everything more meaningful, more interesting and a lot more fun. I love Skinfix because it's easy to connect with the human side of our products. Every day, I am present in living the process to help people feel better and live better.

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