A Moment with Amber Ibarreche

A Moment with Amber Ibarreche

For Amber Ibarreche, words are the process.

The artist, writer, and designer first began toying with language as an emotional outlet, but soon realized that sharing her wordplay—and making her voice heard—could be even more rewarding. Her clever commentary on all facets of culture—including worthy causes—soon attracted a large following and now extends to her wearable art collection, as well, with her collages, poems, and drawings printed on tees, sweaters, posters and mugs.

Now, she has collaborated with Live The Process on a “Get Down with High Vibes” Classic t-shirt in honor of the new book, Material Girl, Mystical World, by longtime friend and The Numinous founder, Ruby Warrington. View The Numinous Collaboration. 

Here,  Ibarreche explains why we should all make our personal messages accessible to others:

Live The Process: When did you first discover your passion for art and language?

Amber Ibarreche: I can't remember a time when I wasn't creating. It's something I look forward to every day. Growing up, I was more exposed to sports and became super athletic. I enjoyed the physical aspect of pushing my body and now push myself to spend the ten out twelve hours I'm awake creating. The work I do with words is really a completely different body from the collaging, drawing and designing, but they all have a way of crossing paths here and there. I think that is where it becomes exciting for me.

LTP: Where do you derive inspiration for your quips? And to what do you attribute the widespread resonance of what you create on social media and beyond?

AI: The quips are in everything everywhere for me. It is a constant reflection of the way I process what surrounds me. They start out as footnotes, pieces of thoughts. With time, the collection pieces itself together as an emotional response or a very conscious thought. And as writing goes, the more you make mistakes, the more you end up with solutions. I think somewhere along the way I realized that keeping my work and my words to myself was less productive than showing it and social media became an outlet. I feel like people can relate to this process because we are all born with some level of creativity and a desire to learn. 

LTP: How did you end up collaborating with Ruby Warrington on thisHigh Vibes” project? 

AI: I’ve been friends with Ruby for a long time and, when I first started sharing my work, she interviewed me for The Numinous. When she reached out to me about this project, it seemed really exciting. I hope people like the shirts and I'm so excited about her book. 

LTP: Aside from creating your artwork, what do you do to keep yourself feeling balanced and healthy?

AI: I guess I'm pretty normal in the sense that I like to balance work, play and relaxation. I cook and make juice at home a lot with my girlfriend and try to do yoga and get massages when I have a free moment. I work from home mostly, so I burn copal and sage constantly and keep a clean and minimal space, so I have clarity for my thoughts. 

LTP: What does happiness look like to you?  

AI: Happiness takes many forms, but I think it's essentially important to celebrate the moments that you are happy. We laugh when things are hard and may cry when things are good; it can feel intangible. I just try to put my trust in the universe. 

LTP: What does it mean to you to Live The Process,” and how can we all do that more each day? 

AI: I think it's important to make whatever message you want to put out there accessible and tangible. Anybody can have what they want. Nothing is anyone’s; it's everyone's. 

A percentage of proceeds will go to New York initiative, Urban Yogis.

About Urban Yogis: Led by Erica Ford (New York City Crisis Management, Queens Division), the program was inaugurated with five young adults from South Side Jamaica, Queens, who have been personally affected by gun and other types of violence. These young men and women have been engaging in community activism to address these issues, which has included learning the transformative tools of yoga and meditation. Inspired by their experiences, they have created an initiative to bring these tools to their community. The Urban Yogis are now all teaching yoga in the New York City Public School system as a way of inspiring other young, at-risk youth to choose alternative pathways towards positivity and peace. Get your High Vibes Tee today and help fund an amazing effort to use yoga and meditation as transformative tools in their community.

The High Vibes Tee

Let your energy soar in our “High Vibes” tee, a limited edition collaboration with word artist Amber Ibarreche using our soft Classic tee—with raw edge neckline and relaxed armhole.

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