A Moment With Alex Knight

A Moment With Alex Knight

Alex Knight has developed a recipe for wellness.

The childhood champion track and field athlete turned international fashion model applies her strong work ethic to everything from philanthropic marathon running to teaching Pilates and duke photography.

Despite her hectic schedule, she manages to maintain a steady wellness routine, relying on a steady diet of exercise and special “mindfulness essentials” like lavender oil. And, when at home in New York City, she brings the community spirit and charm of her native Melbourne, Australia to Manhattan via her small string of java shops and one West Village artisanal café and sanctuary, Bluestone Lane Coffee.

Here, Knight shares her philosophy on the intrinsic individuality of wellness:

Live The Process: How has your approach to wellness evolved over time?

Alex Knight: My lifestyle and routine are adjusted continually, as I need to travel so consistently with work. Because of this, I have had to develop a routine that can be maintained in all situations. I like to be prepared and settled when I travel. I always travel with workout essentials—resistance bands, headphones, skipping rope. Additionally, my carry-on has my mindfulness essentials, such as lavender oil, vitamins and my Kindle. Moving from Australia to a big city like New York definitely had me changing my lifestyle choices and, in light of this, I have involved myself with many of the exciting events and programs the city has to offer. I went from running less than two miles to thirteen miles; I’m now considered a marathon runner. My next New York half-marathon is with the Every Mother Counts charity, which will no doubt be another inspiring and fulfilling experience.

LTP: What inspired you to study Biomedical Science at Victoria University and more recently, level 5 Pilates at the Core Pilates school?

AK: I have a thirst for learning and discovering more. I finished my secondary education wanting to enter the health and wellness world; I just didn’t know where exactly I would land. My Biomedical Science studies kept me company while I traveled the world, moving from one fashion set to another. Knowing there are no limits to our capabilities inspires me. My Biomedical Science studies were factual, my Integrative Nutrition completion was nourishing and my Pilates certification was practical. Blending these all together enables a cohesive foundation for my wellness passion. One day soon, I will be launching a business to combine my studies, experience and passion.

LTP: How do you keep your mind, body and spirit healthy despite your busy schedule?

AK: It’s about connecting all three of these. My day is always quite structured and planned, as I often have a bit to get through. However, I always grant myself time for me, and that is time to move. Being present while exercising really works as my “off switch,” while at the same time it lifts and inspires my spirit.

Traveling is tiresome and strenuous, so it is my self-awareness that keeps me in check. I know that when I land and get to the hotel, I need to either stretch or lightly work out in order to ground myself, wash away the journey and be present. I take in nourishment that I know agrees with me, and I enjoy. My handbag is like Mary Poppins’! It’s always full of goodies. I like Yogi Tea, Sunwarrior chocolate protein sachets and raw almonds.

Health is one of the most individualistic aspects to life, so it’s about playing around with things and finding out what works for you. After much experience, I now know my recipe.

LTP: What was the driving catalyst behind opening Bluestone Lane Coffee and what do you hope to do there?

AK: I am from Melbourne, Australia, a city that is passionate about the artisanal café experience. The Australian ethos of community charm and delicious dining is projected into Bluestone Lane Coffee. My fiancé and I established the business as an oasis and escape from the busy New York lifestyle, where people can switch-off, enjoy and reenergize. The café experience is at a premium, but every client receives the kind of warm, top-grade service that is customary in Australia. What should you expect from a Bluestone Lane Coffee visit? Charming service, a scrumptious meal and a uniquely calming experience that has you wanting it again the next day. I’m proud of serving a menu that I can absolutely say has passion, love and a great deal of thought behind it. As a young business, we have grown organically via a lot of hands-on work and development, and I hope, as a client, people can feel the great consideration and passion that has gone into every corner of the business.

LTP: What does happiness look like to you?

AK: Happiness is satisfaction, gratitude, love and joy in what you are doing. We create our own happiness. To be really happy with something, I love to work for it. To believe, create and then achieve is one of the happiest recipes you can create for yourself.

LTP: What does it mean to you to "Live The Process" and how do you do that every day?

AK: To “Live The Process” is to live authentically, to do everything in your power to put your best foot forward, give it your all and then be satisfied, whatever comes from it. Live big and live for you, as this is a magnetic characteristic that inspires those around you and yourself. Find more information on bluestone Lane Coffee here.

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