A Moment With Aesop

A Moment With Aesop

On a trip to Australia years ago, I fell in love with a beauty line called, Aesop. The company’s basic concept, “beauty truths, not myths,” resonated with me and I thought the science and botanical based skincare products themselves were just amazing.

Since then, I’ve watched the brand grow in the US, most recently with the new East Hampton store. Aesop has always stayed true to those open, honest and researched principles I first admired.

Here, Aesop’s Country Manager, Australia and New Zealand and product advocate, Suzanne Santos, shares more about the expansion of the brand, while keeping its integrity and core values.

Live The Process: How do you achieve balance between the holistic and manufactured aspects of your line?

Suzanne Santos: When you take a realistic and practical approach to combining science and nature, you create premium quality cosmetics. Formulating with magnificent botanical and manmade ingredients has raised the caliber of our range.

LTP: How are the natural ingredients selected for your products?

SS: Our development laboratory has an Ingredient Procurement appointment, which is a science-based role. That individual sources the finest quality raw ingredients from around the world and confirms the growers’ and the ingredients’ authenticity. Every Aesop product is formulated around purpose; we do not contaminate with unnecessary colorants, fragrances or fillers or make unsubstantiated claims. Ingredients are precious to the company and a perpetual focus because of quality control.

LTP: What are some of the habits and philosophies of your ideal customer?

SS: We create products for people who value the few minutes it takes to look after the health of their skin, whether through face washing, understanding the worth of a generous dosage of moisturizer or the selection of their food. Philosophically, our customers ideally view life with a sense of balance: read well, eat well and seek quality and honesty.

LTP: How is skincare key to the way people Live The Process?

SS: On a fundamental level, it begins with hygiene. We live in a very dirty world. A strong skincare regimen is moisture replenishing, protective and regenerating. It also offers a key few moments of self-giving.

LTP: How does culture inspire the Aesop brand?

SS: Culture, in the classical sense and in the inspiration it brings, is a rich foundation on which to create anything. We uniquely do so as a skincare brand.

LTP: What is the company’s backstory and how long did it take for people to embrace this type of lifestyle—a modern approach to luxury?

SS: The Australian born company started back 26 years ago with a desire to make efficacious products based on botanical and laboratory derived ingredients.

photo credits: dane asmussen

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