A Moment With Abbey Drucker

A Moment With Abbey Drucker

Abbey Drucker is a born artist.

Creatively inclined since childhood, she realized she wanted to be a photographer while taking her first class. And she actualized that dream, studying at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and making a name for herself, specifically using delicate light to capture intimate and candid portraits of women.

Drucker has always embraced healthy living, having been raised with those principles, but she found yoga and meditation a bit later, after college. She soon realized that rituals from green juicing to yogic stretching could help her stay energetic and alert for long shoots and far-flung travel.

Today, Drucker continues to be inspired by the female form in her fashion, fine art and commercial work. Her most current projects include depictions of Olympic athletes, world class surfers, ballerinas and NFL cheerleaders. Her fashion clients include Armani, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nike.

Here, she describes the importance of staying alert to each moment:

Live The Process: What shaped your consciousness about wellness and healthy living?

Abbey Drucker: I grew up eating pretty healthy and played sports as a kid almost every day. After college, I went out to the West Coast and gradually picked up yoga and meditation and started to learn about holistic healing. I was intrigued by the connection between our bodies, energy and health.

LTP: What first inspired you to pick up a camera? Was photography always your dream?

AD: As a kid, I was always a dreamer. I loved to paint and make ceramics. When I was 11, I’d have sleepover parties and make my girlfriends pose for photos. Later, in high school, I took a photo class and fell in love with the whole process. I loved working in the darkroom and began to realize it was something I wanted to do forever. I feel fortunate to have had a teacher who encouraged me at such a young age. I went to college for photography at The School Of Visual Arts, interned for Ellen Von Unwerth and started shooting fashion and musicians to develop a portfolio.

When I was 23, Teen Vogue offered me a contract, which launched my adult career. I started traveling regularly to Europe for fashion weeks and working on bigger production Hollywood shoots.

LTP: How do you take care of yourself when you’re working long hours at photoshoots?

AD: When I travel and have long days on set, I am extra healthy to maintain stamina and immunity. On set, I make sure to have healthy food and fresh green juices. I also like to take mini-breaks, even if it’s five minutes, to stretch and recharge. The night before a big shoot, I make sure to have a well-balanced meal, meditate with candles and get a good night’s sleep.

LTP: How did begin to implement advanced wellness into your own life?

AD: I visited a childhood friend, who is now a wellness coach, in San Francisco and fell in love with her raw food. So, I started by taking away processed food from my diet slowly each day, and felt the energetic difference from whole foods. Now, I try to treat health-related issues with natural remedies and get to the root of each problem, healing with whole foods, herbs, essential oils, acupuncture and yoga.

LTP: What does happiness look like to you?

AD: Beach days, road trips, exploring and being in love. Golden sunlight, crystal blue oceans, smiling really big, hair in the wind, hand-holding.

LTP: What does it mean to you to “Live The Process,” and how do you do that every day?

AD: When you embrace the present moment, that’s when you can truly “Live The Process,” and experience silence, discomfort, bliss and gratitude.

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