A Kenyan Retreat with Love Yoga

A Kenyan Retreat with Love Yoga


Our names are: Kyle Miller and Sian Gordon. 

Were known for being: 

KM: The owner of Love Yogain Venice and Echo Park. 

SG: The other owner of Love Yogaand part-time janitor. 

Were hosting a retreat called:  Love Yoga's Safari Retreat to Kenya. 

Its located: across three destinations in Kenya; March 24th to April 3rd, 2018. 

We were drawn to this destination because: 

KM:Ive always dreamed about going on safari in Africa.  It sounds completely magical and transporting, and I'm so excited! 

SG: I've been to Africa many times and it always feels like coming home. I think its because its where we all come from. You feel it when you get there.  

This retreat is special because: 

KM: We partnered with an incredible Safari company,  Wander Africa,  for a completely inclusive, multi-faceted travel experience.  We have every day planned with yoga woven throughout the journey.  Well visit a Masai Village, an elephant orphanage, wildlife parks, Lake Elementaita and so much more. 

SG: Animals and African morning mist.  

One thing you cant miss is: 

KM: Open air yoga, watching the sun rise over Mount Kenya. 

SG: The food, the coffee, the wine! 

Your body will thank you because: 

KM: Travel is one of the hardest things on the body, and yoga makes it so much better. 

SG: Going to an amazing place and doing yoga at the same time is better than going somewhere and not doing yoga. 

We never retreat without bringing: 

KM: Chlorophyll. 

SG: A good book. 

Retreating is part of our process because: 

 KM: Travel gives me perspective and expands my world.  

SG: I get to do what I love in the most beautiful places in the world. 

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