A Glimpse at Upwards

A Glimpse at Upwards

Our names are: Ally Bogard & Jordan Daly.

We’re known for being:

AB: Yoga and meditation teacher (or, according to Jordan, “holder of wisdom, star of the north, counselor for life.) 

JD: Builder of things: business, community and bridges between the inner and outer worlds.

We're talking about:

AB: Upwards! A series of four 40-day processes that helps people begin or deepen their inner work and build healthy relationships to their body, mind and spirit.

We ask people to trust that, whatever life brings them, they can handle, so long as they stay in their body, stay close to the truth and anchor in love. The series encourages people to build rich inner lives, to be accountable and responsible for their choices and to actively participate and shape who they become:

breakUP is to help you heal your heart, whether you are going through a loss, working through a transition or simply want to build self-love. 

growUP—well, that’s “enough said.” This program teaches you how to set boundaries, clean up your inner-critic, heal your relationships and create an attainable plan for your highest dream. 

listenUP is the aid to meditation. Through mindfulness tools, breath and focused awareness, these 40 days help stabilize a spinning mind, build presence and create a mind you can trust.

lookUP is our personal favorite. This module helps people connect with their own authentic relationships to “Source Energy” through faith and prayer.

You can find it at: Upwards.gold. Now.

How it works is:

JD: When you register, you are prompted to choose which program you would like to begin with. Read through the overviews, spend time in the FAQ and then get still and feel into what you need most right now. 

Start there. 

At the beginning of every day, an email is sent with practices, teachings, prompts, audio clips and meditations to set energy, awareness and focus. The content is available on upwards.gold without time limit, so you can take as much time as you need or revisit the content whenever you need. We have also built out an incredibly dynamic resource library. More Gold is essentially our secret stash of over 20 years of our own personal development and spiritual work.

The programs are designed to be processes--some days you’ll love, others will be more provocative and confrontational, but we offer real teachings and tools that work. We have created each initiation to be 40 days because, in many spiritual and mystical traditions, this time is repeatedly mentioned as the magical amount it takes to make lasting changes in one’s life.

What makes it special is:

AB: The place in between who you have been, and who you are here to become, is pure gold. We honor and respect the places in life that feel broken and truly believe that everything that arises in life can be used to build greater self-awareness and self-love. These programs are designed to be initiations, processes that honor and ritualize the idea that where you have been is changing and where you are headed may be unknown. Unfortunately, we don’t have many conscious initiations left anymore. We know that having guidance during transitional times helps navigate the unfamiliar territory of a broken heart, a busy mind and old unprocessed feelings. 

One thing you can’t miss is:

AB:  We love the collaboration with Live The Process because they get that all of life is a process. We seem to have become so addicted and obsessed with productivity and end results and we avoid or deny the actual stages along the way where we can feel, deal and make more conscious choices. To live in a more self-aware, honest and kind way requires attention and practice. When people learn how to take responsibility for their thoughts and emotions, they begin to replace distraction with discipline, avoidance with awareness and conditioning with choice.

We believe this life is a dream, a schoolhouse, a theater and a maze—all built into one. Upwards offers time-tested tools from many disciplines and faiths to truly help people become more free in almost all situations.

My favorite secret detail is:

JD: More Gold—our support library—is a treasure chest. The links, resources and readings range from the practical to the preposterous and from the rational to the radical. It’s our own personal stash of teachers and a portal into our self study for over 20 years. Whether you are into rabbit holes or wormholes, there is something in there that will open your mind, your heart and your spirit. 

Your body will thank you because:

AB: These programs aren’t about wellness or self-care. They are about self-awareness, honesty and love. Upwards is here to help you heal and transform your relationship to your body, mind, heart and spirit, and we hope you love it as much as we have loved creating it.

*For this month only, Upwards is offering an exclusive discount to Live The Process followers. Use the code LTP11 for $11-off an individual module and LTP33 for $33-off the entire series. Discount will be be applied at checkout. Click here to find out more.

Photograph Robin Barnes

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