A Glimpse at Natane’s Lab

A Glimpse at Natane’s Lab

My name is: Natane Boudreau.

I'm known for being: A top model from the iconic 90s era, for bringing Transcendental Meditation (or TM) through the David Lynch Foundation to the fashion industry and for pioneering an holistic, conscious-based curriculum to fashion.

I'm talking about: Natane's Lab.

You can find it at: nataneslab.com. Workshops coming in the Fall. Private coaching and consultations booking now.

How it works is: Natane’s Lab consists of three impactful weekend-long transformational workshops taught by legendary master teachers, focused on self-expression, creativity and creating a legacy worth living for.  The work focuses on manifesting your whole being by igniting your ultimate calling and cause. We will dive into each person’s well of consciousness and innate creativity and help them take actions that are aligned with making their own unique difference in the world.

In private coaching, we explore themes and threads that shape your life, revealing your ultimate calling and cause. The uniqueness of my work is that we unearth your true passion, honor who you are authentically at your core and create a powerful future to live into! I call this branding from the inside out, versus outside in.

What makes it special is: It's a one-stop-shop for extraordinary transformational growth and development work, and it's a source for the highest quality holistic products and services. In the workshops and private coaching, you will be seen and heard more clearly and completely than you have ever been seen and heard before. You will move from a place of unconsciousness to consciousness, from fogginess to clarity, in all areas of your life.

One thing you can't miss is: The Guide (which includes my curated list, amassed throughout my life, of the best and brightest resources)!

My favorite secret detail is: I can sense into the pulse of the zeitgeist of what's to come. It’s sort of an animalistic Midas Touch. I realized that— through the osmosis of being macrobiotic and Buddhist in utero, to modeling in the 80s and 90s, to doing transformational and holistic work, to immersing into the avant-garde theatre world—I’ve been curating this business all along.

For me, “healing” means: Injecting Consciousness.

In these ever-changing times and significant moment in history, this will nourish you because: Natane's Lab will inject consciousness into every aspect of who you are, ignite your true passion, educate your natural intelligence to your well-being and wake you up to reality. This is not a time we can afford to fall asleep. We need to get on the court and get out of the stands! 

Cover rendering Andres Reisinger, all other imagery courtesy of Natane

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