A Dominican Retreat to Nurture Your Nature

A Dominican Retreat to Nurture Your Nature

My name is: Lillie Rosenthal, D.O.Im a lifestyle medicine expert with a Manhattan-based private practice.  

Im known for: helping people feel and function optimally using lifestyle as medicine. 

Im hosting a retreat called: Nurture Your Nature: Re-Boot Camp. 

Its located at: Villa Serena in Rincon Bay, Samana Peninsula, Dominican Republic; December 3-7, 2017. 

We were drawn to this spot because: its beautiful and calming. I love the ocean and warm in the winter! Theres a vegan chef on the premises and the destination is listed as one of the "best 1000 places to visit on he globe."

This retreat is special because: Im a physician with 30 years of experience helping people become their healthiest selves. My 5 Point Medical Makeover plan helps participants learn that movement is medicine and food is fuel, as well as sleep strategies, how to stress less and how to manage vices/de-vices.  

Eighty percent of how we age is dependent on how we behave. This is a five-day transformative experience in ultimate self-care and lifestyle medicine, the lessons from which can be applied to participants' lives at home for healthier living. 

One thing you cant miss is: a walk along the ocean at sunset. 

Your body will thank you because: of the healthy food, restorative sleep and the inner strength from walking, hiking and swimming! 

I never retreat without bringing: My running shoes for a run, hike or long walk to explore and stay healthy (and Arnicare, in case I overdue it!) 

Retreating is part of my process because: It invites me out of my bubblegeographically and mentallyto share, learn, experience and grow with others. 

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