A Conversation with WMN + Live The Process

A Conversation with WMN + Live The Process

In preparation for the launch of their inspiring sweatshirt collaboration, Live The Process founder, Robyn Berkley, gets deep with Paula Mallis about WMN Space’s one-year anniversary and the power of modern-day womanhood.

Join them on Sunday, March 18th (11am-3pm) for the WMN “Birth” Day Celebration, including a discussion with both women about how to “Live The Process,” conscious nourishment from Sakara and Moon Juice and a signature WMN Circle.

Robyn Berkley: What does it feel like to reach the one-year mark for WMN Space? How do you hope you have influenced others lives by creating this sacred space?

Paula Mallis: I can’t believe it has already been a year since the doors swung open at WMN Space. I am so humbled by the journey of this past year. WMN Space has taught me so much about myself, women and our community. The walls hold wisdom and teachings from those who have felt called to offer and receive. My intention is that every woman who walks through the doors has an experience that supports her and empowers her to live her life at the fullest and most authentic level.

Paula Mallis, photo by Mel Blanchard

RB: What are your goals for the coming year, both personally and professionally?

PM: Personally, my goal is to balance my home life and work life. Professionally, my goal is expansion! I am looking forward to all the collaborations and partnerships we have to offer in 2018. I love co-creating with others with the intention of bringing women together to uplift, empower and inspire. My hope is that we may find deeper connections within ourselves and with each other, so that we can fully experience the magic that happens when likeminded women come together. Our sweatshirt collaboration is a perfect example of that.

RB: How are you able to balance the personal and professional in your life?

PM: By asking for what I need: support! It takes a village! And pausing to take the time that I need to fill my own cup, which allows me to hold space for it all.

RB: What does it mean to be a woman in 2018?

PM: It is an honor to be a woman during this historic time. I believe the feminine rising is an opportunity for tremendous shifts in our consciousness and on the planet. Those women who have come before us have paved the way, creating space for this pivotal time when we are shifting. But we still have work to do! And, together, we can make that change happen through the energy of love.

RB: How do you Live The Process in your everyday life?

PM: Life is a process, not a destination. I show up each day for what life has to offer, working my process for when I get triggered or life hands me opportunities for course correction. One tool that supports me is writing out limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that no longer serve me and burning the writing. Living life one day at a time. Being present for it all.

Photo by Nicki Sebastian

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