A Conversation with Scottie Thompson + Masha Orlov

A Conversation with Scottie Thompson + Masha Orlov

At her house upstate, my girl, Sabine Heller, and I like to organize moments and experiences just for our sister-friends. And that’s what we did during the first weekend last June. Usually, I’m considered the MVP of these women’s weekends—ready to do anything, motivate for outings and hikes, start the dance parties, songs and meditation circles, assist in cooking, jump in the waterfall. You name it; I’m up for it. I’m a cheerleader.

But, this time, we had a new member of the tribe: Scottie Thompson. Craving change, she had taken a break from her Topanga Canyon home and rented an apartment in Soho and was on the East Coast. Right away, I was blown away by her; she was the alpha to my omega. We had a new MVP in town!

I found her so inspiring: She would jump into any situation; no matter how cold the waterfall, she was the first one in. She’s a Scorpio like me; and we have so many interests in common from 5 Rythms Dance to cleansing and meditations (we both love St. Germain’s Violet Flame)—the list is endless. It has been less than a year of friendship, but I love Scottie and feel a soul-sister connection to her.

We both love the concept behind Live The Process too. So, in the wake of her movie, Crown Vic, coming out, I wanted to sit down with Scottie and let you all get to know her too:

A few things to know upfront: Scottie is an award-winning actress, writer and environmental activist. She grew up dancing ballet, which spurred a passion for storytelling and lead her to earn a performance studies degree at Harvard University.

She has recurred in several series, including 12 Monkeys, The Blacklist and NCIS.  Her film credits include The Lookalike and Star Trek, among others.

Here, she shares the details of her daily rituals and philosophies:

MASHA ORLOV: Let’s start simple. Where do you live?

SCOTTIE THOMPSON: All over, it seems. Mostly in LA. But I just had a stint in New York, which was like a shot of much-needed creative and intellectual caffeine.

MO: What are your sources of inspiration ?

ST: Nature. Sunsets, specifically. Water sources. Poets/writers that move. Explorers of the depths of human experience. Unique stories that affect my heart. People and all of their weirdness. Continuing to grow. French New Wave. The 1920s. Women who pave the way, when there isn’t a way. Cultures different from my own that get me out of my comfort zone and force me to look at the world a different way. Travel. Commitment to a purpose.

MO: What about sources of motivation?

ST: Life is short.

MO: What makes you happy?

ST: Being on stage. Sunsets. Beach walks. Dancing, in any form.

MO: What are your favorite foods?

ST: Sushi. Mint chocolate chip ice cream. Broccoli. Crackers in all shapes and forms.

MO: What are your essential beauty tips?

ST: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Sleep. Rose water. Eat healthy. Don’t drink too much alcohol. Infrared sauna.

MO: What is your beauty regiment?

ST: I moisturize morning and night and try to use natural products. I do love SKII, which doesn’t fall into that category. I use their Facial Treatment Essence. And then I moisturize with Medicine Mama lotion, which has bee prospelis. And also Emu oil. I also use a retinol at night for wrinkles.

MO: What are your favorite physical activities?

ST: Dancing. Pilates. Yoga. Aerial Silks. Swimming.

MO: How do you stay in shape?

ST: I do a lot of Pilates and yoga. I try to change it up with some more aerobic activities like interval training classes at the gym. Lately, I’ve started taking “Aerial Silk” class and find it incredibly challenging and awesome—so much fun to hang upside down! Also, I run, but have had to be inventive about that lately, as I’ve been dealing with a back issue.

MO: What are your favorite ways to unwind?

ST: Epsom salt bath. Korean spa. Walking. Funny shows or movies. Reading.

MO: What is your consciousness routine?

ST: I meditate every morning. Usually, I do gratitude journaling, combined with morning pages, and then I work with tuning forks to realign and turn my brain off in a way that I find difficult to do sometimes, just sitting. I used to not be committed to meditation in the morning and would just jump out of bed and start my day with a workout, but, lately, I find that meditation trumps a workout, if I am forced to choose. Sadly, in my busy, busy days, I often lose touch with that calm I access in the morning. So, when I remember, I listen to a guided meditation or binaural beats at night. Often, I do forget that though. My resolution is to be more disciplined about tuning off and out before going to bed.

MO: Do you do retreats? If so, what are your favorites?

ST: I do retreats, yes. I used to do more of them, but have backed off lately, as I am coming more into my own in regards to a practice of health and consciousness. In the past, I have done Vipassana meditation retreats, yoga retreats and cleansing retreats—usually like a colon cleanse that includes vegetable broth for electrolytes and drinking clay to pull out toxins, combined with colonics, for a week. It’s hardcore. And it works.

MO: Do you follow any nutritional self-care routines?

ST: I go in and out of discipline with nutritional routines. I have gone through phases of being anal about supplements, gluten-free, vegetarian. More and more, I am learning to listen to my body. I take a probiotic every morning, and then I like to work out. Then, a healthy breakfast—eggs and avocado toast—and I like to make smoothies with supplements like collagen powder, spirulina and other such goodness. I try to limit my meat intake, but I am O- blood type, so do need red meat occasionally. I also like to try to get a massage or acupuncture once a week, if I can swing it, to realign myself—take a moment to slow down and drop in.

MO: What gets you in a working flow?

ST: Finding a story or a role that speaks to me on a deep level and challenges me to examine it from all angles. Sometimes, getting a job inspires a flow that leads to more opportunities. Collaboration—and finding creative working partners—can help me tap into a flow, as well. Really, connecting to that inner creative child that is non-judgmental and uninhibited and can open me up on all levels, inspires a flow in me.

MO: What are you working on now?

ST: I am currently doing a world premiere of a John Patrick Shanley short play, which is a real treat. I am also recurring on the CBS TV show MacGyver and have several films coming out this fall, including Crown Vic, which premiered nationwide on November 15th.

MO: What makes optimal quality of life for you?

ST: Wow. Good one. Prioritizing self-care and finding time to nurture my creative life through quiet and meditation always works, but often I get super busy and those things can fall away. Finding time to spend with friends is important to me; generally speaking, finding time to nurture relationships with close friends, my partner and family are really vital. At the same time, I find great joy in my work and my creative life. So, finding a balance between all these elements—personal and professional—and staying in a healthy physical state on top of it all, makes for an optimal life. It’s a lot of work to get to that place, to try to detach from the dramas of daily life as much as possible without being a monk. It’s cliché, but that balance of mental, spiritual, physical and emotional is the key.

MO: What’s your favorite quote or motto?

ST: “Dive in and take a risk.” Oh…and “breathe.”


Scottie Thompson wears all clothing Live The Process.
Photography Elisabet Davidsdottir
Styling Masha Orlov
Hair and Makeup Andrea Helgadottir 

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