A Cape Cod Retreat with Chatham Bars Inn

A Cape Cod Retreat with Chatham Bars Inn

My name is: Majka Kendall. 

I'm known for being: the spa director at The Spa at Chatham Bars Inn on Cape Cod.

I’m hosting a retreat called: Healing Through Kundalini Yoga & Ayurveda.

It’s located at: Chatham Bars Inn on Cape Cod, from November 10-12, 2017.

I was drawn to this destination because: Chatham Bars Inn is such a quintessential Cape Cod property. Its charming aesthetic creates a sense of luxurious comfort, while its oceanfront views and friendly staff provide a simple serenity, perfect for a retreat with this mission.  

This retreat is special because: it provides an introduction to the Ayurvedic lifestyle through classes and experiences centered around nutrition, wellness and fitness. The retreat is aimed at resetting guests and getting them back in touch with their true natures by making lasting, healthy changes to their lifestyles.

 One thing you can’t miss is: Kundalini Kriya yoga for balancing the “Elements” and the “Characteristics,” bringing harmony and energy to the body. This type of yoga is very gentle and relaxing, does not require any previous yoga experience and focuses on breathing patterns. 

I never retreat without bringing: my little book of mindfulness. It includes brief exercises to help me be more calm and present, to find more peace in life. 

Retreating is part of my process because: it helps to create the right balance between the body and mind, while maintaining and building positive energy.

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