A Beautiful Mess with Sacred Self-Care

A Beautiful Mess with Sacred Self-Care

Chloe Isidora knows a thing or two about turning challenges into experiences.

She learned firsthand about finding the beauty in obstacles when—after dipping her toe into the study of shamanism—instantly everything she knew fell apart. In 24 hours, she went from a stifled fashion editor in a committed relationship to a free bird.

Today, in her “Sacred Self-Care” sessions, she works with women at every stage to release fear, anxiety, limited beliefs, stagnant patterns and old stories, so that they may live full, authentic lives. Her recent book, Sacred Self-Care: Everyday rituals for a more joyful and meaningful life, offers ways to elevate even the everyday to something uplifting and nurturing.

Here, she describes how she turned her passion into her life’s work:

LIVE THE PROCESS: Can you paint a picture of your life before and after you began studying shamanism?

CHLOE ISIDORA: Before I stepped onto my shamanic path, I was working in the fashion industry: I was fashion editor of  Garage magazine. My life was fashion shows, fashion shoots, press days and all that jazz! My interest was sparked by a need to bring healing to myself; I was deeply unhappy and felt that I was wasting my life.

When I started my shamanic training, my whole life as I knew it fell apart: After my first training in the U.S. (I’m based in London), I came home and, that evening, my boyfriend of three years broke off our relationship. The next day, I went into work and was fired from my job! My life as I knew it was completely obliterated!

Obviously, at the time, it was very painful and full of heartbreak, but now, looking back, it was the best thing that ever happened to me, as it gave me the freedom to follow my heart and calling. 

LTP: After shedding your previous identity, you dove into studying many elements of alternative healing and spiritualism. How did that work help you during such a transitional period?

CI: During my transition, I met an incredible healer. She was based in San Francisco, and I became her apprentice. For months, I lived with her. Every morning, we were up early for three hours of spiritual practice.

At the time, I hadn’t even meditated, so this was all new for me. I sat in on all the healing sessions, assisted and traveled and assisted on her retreats. All of this was powerful training for me and supportive for my transition from my old life.

LTP: Today, you specialize in “Sacred Self-Care.” Can you explain exactly what that means?

CI: For me, Sacred Self-Care is about giving the most exquisite, impeccable love and care that you possibly can to yourself. It’s about acknowledging your inner fears and shadows, allowing them space to surface so that you are no longer run by them; bringing yourself from your mind and into your body, so you can feel what’s there and, from that place, nurture yourself tenderly. Self-love is imperative, as it is our foundation. We must learn to love, honor and respect ourselves, so that we can treat others and the Earth with the same love and respect.  

LTP: You had a book come out in June 2019—so exciting! Can you tell us a bit about what it covers?

CI: My book is called Sacred Self-Care: Everyday rituals for a more joyful and meaningful life. It includes many magical rituals that you can weave into your daily life. I shared simple and effective tools to activate self-love into something that you are doing already, such as sending love and blessings to the food you are about to eat. This enhances the vibration, bringing uplifting love into your body.

In my book, I share ways to turn mundane moments into magic, sacred self-love rituals, loving ways to nurture yourself when going through heartbreak, Divine feminine empowerment, sacred celebrations to share with friends, how to stay connected in our busy lives and those emergency tips when everything you know flies out the window! 

LTP: What does happiness look like to you?

CI: Happiness looks like lush, green, vibrant, wild, alive, abundant nature to me!

LTP: What does it mean to you to “Live The Process” and how can we all do that more each day?

CI: “Living the process” for me is about approaching life with a sense curiosity. When challenges arise, I turn them into my own living workshop, which instantly turns them into an experience, which then feels fun to me. I ask, “What am I here to learn through this situation and how am I growing?”

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