A Balinese Retreat with Surfin2Yoga

A Balinese Retreat with Surfin2Yoga

Our names are: Jolie Manza and Rob Underwood.

We’re known for being: the co-founders of YogaKoh and Surfin2Yoga. 

We’re hosting a retreat called: Surfin2Yoga.

It’s located at: the beautiful S-Resort Hidden Valley, Uluwatu, Bali’s mystical South Coast—December 4th-10th, 2017.

We were drawn to this destination because: of the magical feel that the island offers through its distinctive Balinese culture, as well as the tropical climate and beautiful beaches. The resort is a truly amazing space and offers a beautiful mix between yoga, surf, relaxation and comfort.

This retreat is special because: it introduces the client to Bali’s fantastic culture, even if they have never been here before. All they need to do is arrive at the airport and everything will be taken care of for them.

Our ability, as retreat leaders, to cater to absolute beginners in both the surf and yoga field really enables our guests to feel comfortable exploring their boundaries. The opportunity to meet amazing likeminded people during these week long retreats is also a major goal and experience for our guests. 

Clients train with professionals, who can tailor to individual needs and challenge them in a safe manner and environment. It’s an extremely positive experience for us, and for participants, to be able to see improvement in their surf and yoga abilities. All of this, mixed with the comfort and tranquility of the resort, provides clients with a great chance to completely detach from the stresses of their daily lives. 


One thing you can’t miss is: sitting on the beach, drinking from a refreshing coconut, after a fun-filled session catching waves. There is something truly relaxing about being salty, sandy and exhausted whilst listening to the hypnotic rhythm of the ocean lapping up onto the shore.

Your body will thank you because: you will be challenged to try new activities and, as the week progresses, you will see your individual physical and mental strength rise to the surface. We are a fairly active retreat, and your body will be energized by the end of it.

I never retreat without bringing: Nothing tangible is needed whatsoever on a Surfin2Yoga retreat, as all your needs are met by us. Everything is here for the client. What is essential, however, is a positive attitude and the ability to remain open to the new experiences you will encounter on this retreat.

Retreating is part of my process because: of the heavy time constraints of people’s work lives today. We need to make the most of our leisure time and not deal with the hassle of handling details that can be exhausting and time-consuming. We know what we want, and we just want to go there and do it.

It’s essential to find retreat companies that give you exactly what you want and need, so you can truly detach from your everyday world. That way, you can hit the ground running, staying relaxed and have a positive holiday experience.


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