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The only way to really understand astrology is to have your chart done: a map made for the exact day, place and, if you have it, time of your birth.

Even if you don’t know the time, the position of the planets at the moment and place you were born is as unique as a fingerprint, even for twins. Think of your chart as the multidimensional hologram of planetary energies which you breathed in with your first breath. (The chart should be done based on one’s first breath, which is why Cesarean birth charts are just as valid.)

We are all the same in that, when we took that first breath, we separated from our mothers’ bodies. From an astrological perspective, that’s when the fun started and we started to actualize the various planets in signs and houses of our birth chart.

So, what’s your sign? No, I'm not trying to pick you up, though that’s an infamous come on line. The expression refers to your sun sign, the sign of the zodiac the sun appeared to be passing through when you were born. In the psychological language that is astrology, the sun represents your ego, your purpose, the energy that animates you. The 12 sun signs each look out on the world from a very different perspective.

What’s your moon sign? Few people know the sign the moon was in at the moment of their birth, but it is equally important to astrologers because it represents emotional intelligence. And the 12 potential signs of your moon can make an even more pronounced difference in what you consider to be your emotional intelligence than your sun sign!

So, there are 144 possible combinations of sun and moon position. If you add the equally different 12 possible rising signs to the mix, now you’re up to 1,728. And there is also Mercury (our logical mind), Venus (how and what we desire), Mars (the energy to get the job done), Jupiter (how we grow when things are good), Saturn (how we grow when things are challenging), Uranus (how we grow when the shit hits the fan!), Neptune (how we grow past our individual selves) and Pluto (how we stop growing and start transforming).

As you can see, there are billions of combinations of the ten planets of astrology in the 12 signs and 12 houses. In fact, an individual astrological chart won’t repeat for over 25,000 years! So, even though we all have the same planetary energies, we all access and use them differently.

Learn more about your astrological chart through daily updates and in depth private readings with lauded astrologer, Monte Farber.

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