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My name is: Linda Thompson.

I live in: New York City.

I’m known for being: Founder + CEO of Biography Active Face Oils

Before I created this, I was:

My background has been an anthology of people, places and partnerships. Biography is the natural sequel. 

Before starting Biography, I held various executive positions at American Express, CNBC News and Channel One Network. There, I forged partnerships with Montblanc, Sony Music Entertainment and EMI Records. One memorable show involved a panel dialogue about the cultural significance of the UK’s iconic 70s music era that enhanced our young audience’s learning, while blending corporate objectives with educational content. Super fun! My affinity for storytelling eventually led me to the position of Editor-In-Chief, where I produced a series of short-format digital films for Cartier International in Paris. This role allowed me to bring the magical history of the legendary jewelry maison to life.

My interest was sparked when:

Biography was born from a persistent curiosity to seek out nature’s most potent solutions for beautiful skin, which people typically turned to conventional chemical-laden products to solve. A French pharmacist (more alchemist, really) custom blended several natural oils for me that worked like nothing I’ve used before. For me, oil-authority was more than a surface transformation, but rather a reflection of persistence and tenacity required to challenge the status quo.   This oil obsession was not only skin deep, but about satisfying my inherent “contrarianism,” which moves me to question norms, the “we’ve always done it that way” thinking. It’s a trait I’ve found is shared by many entrepreneurs.  

The idea behind it is:

I like to think of us as active oil mavericks. We do clean oil-infused performance skincare with a look that’s anything but brown, green or leafy. The common perception that chemically-produced, complex skincare solutions are the only way to achieve healthy skin is simplistic in my view. People cause more harm to their skin due to synthetic, potentially harmful ingredients present in their daily products, resulting in more irritations than ever before.

The world had become cautious about oils, leading to an era where oil-free products dominated the shelves due to fear of breakouts and gleamy slick faces. But, against this oil-phobic backdrop, I saw an opportunity: the chance to reintroduce an ancient practice for today.

That’s why I founded Biography. My goal was to harness the power of plant and seeds oils to create the modern moisturizer. Our products for face and body are designed to cater to adults and even kids, offering effective solutions that are enjoyable and safe to use, with visible results.

We’re showing consumers that there's another way to care for their skin—one that’s healthier, more sustainable and, ultimately, more effective in the long-run. 

A special lesser-known detail is: 

Naming—two words that relate to its function and its user.

One of my favorite things (that I didn’t create) is: My new No Name sneakers I found in Paris. They’re this great blend of cool form and intentional function.  I find items that aren’t blasted in every Instagram feed alluring.  

The words I live by are:

Beauty is a sequence, not a snapshot.

One truth that is so important, but people don’t always realize is:

An “overnight success” is often the result of years exploring the uncharted, the uncomfortable and the unconventional.

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