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My name is: Breighl Robbins.

I’m known for being: Founder and CEO of Ebi, a plant-based postpartum care company.

I'm talking about: Our postpartum support kits. Ebi’s comprehensive self-care kits use organic, plant-based ingredients to elevate your postpartum experience. The products in our wellness line help you be your best mentally, emotionally and physically for yourself and those you love. 

You can find it at:

I created it when: I realized the true purpose of self-care is to pour into yourself first, so you can pour into others from a place of fullness, not lack. I realized the best thing I could do for my daughter was to make the conscious choice of giving myself space for me. True empathy stems from showing empathy to yourself first. 

I was very well-supported during my pregnancy, but there was nothing available that was just for me. I’ve practiced a plant-based lifestyle for years and worked in wellness and public health in many roles. Having a baby really brought everything full circle. I wanted to create a comprehensive, holistic postpartum experience for new mothers. Ebi is the culmination of my life experiences thus far. 

I felt like mothers needed this because: Having a holistic postpartum experience is essential. Many cultures around the world recognize and honor this. It is still not visible in our culture. Holistic postpartum looks like honoring what your body has accomplished, mourning the old you that you’ve lost and taking the time to heal (physically, emotionally, mentally) while celebrating new life. Every mom deserves that, and that’s what Ebi was brought forth to accomplish. Ebi is a medium to do this essential work in a mindful way.

What makes it special is: All of our products are multi-purpose and multi-use, so with the wellness line you can address all of the mental, emotional and physical aspects of postpartum that matter most to new moms. They are also all completely safe and beneficial to baby. The Tisane supports healthy milk production, tones the reproductive organs and promotes emotional balance and healthy sleep. The Bath heals perineal tissues, balances the skin via our Martha’s Vineyard-sourced sea salt, and can help clear up cradle cap and other common infant skin issues. The Oil heals cracked nipples, clears up hormonal acne and postpartum melasma, can be used as a scalp treatment for postpartum hair loss, can be used for perineal  or infant massage and clears up diaper rash. 

We are wholly committed to being environmentally conscious as a company. We’ve drastically reduced our carbon footprint by creating our textiles in NYC. We also source the majority of our herbs from small female-owned farms. Our packaging is virtually plastic-free. Our organic cotton drawstring bags that the kits are packaged in can be reused. Even our packing peanuts are water dissolvable.

One thing you can’t miss: Our organic cotton postpartum underwear and nipple pads. They’re available as part of our Nurture kit or separately in sets of two. The underwear and nipple pads are made with 100% organic cotton milled right here in the US. The underwear have a leak-proof liner that provides full front and back coverage. It holds up to three tampons worth of fluid. They also provide extra support via a compression band constructed with Repreve, an eco-friendly fabric that’s made from recycled bottles.

My favorite secret detail is: We created the underwear in NYC working with creatives who have aided designers Ryan Roche, Mara Hoffman and even created custom pieces for former first lady Michelle Obama. They are truly special and unlike anything else on the market for postpartum. 

Motherhood during this pandemic is a blessing and a challenge because: It's a blessing because it forces me to be present. I’m the happiest when I’m not scouring the news for updates or fretting about the state of things and, instead, am actually paying attention to what’s right in front of me.

It’s a challenge because it’s forcing me to be extra conscious about carving out space for myself. I have to be vocal with my partner about my need for time to myself. It’s growing me to be more direct in asking for what I need, which is also a blessing when you think about it.

Your body will thank you because: A healthy well-supported postpartum experience is something every mother deserves. The benefits extend far beyond you and your child.

Cover image via Alexis Christodoulou, all other photography Victoria Pietri 

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