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When we spend the majority of our time living in fear of what others think of us, comparing ourselves to those around us and feeling afraid of being judged, we are living and thinking in an external space. In order to feel empowered and confident, we need instead to be as connected as possible to our own experiences and authentic selves.

Here are a few ways to lead yourself back home and away from those external anxieties:

1. Your journey is not designed to please other people

Your purpose here on Earth is not to compare yourself to others. Your experience is here to be valued, embraced and explored by you; you are here to evolve, learn and teach. In order to participate fully in your journey, you need to show up for it and stop looking through other people’s windows.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. Everyone else is also exactly where he or she is supposed to be. These places are not supposed to be the same. Your journey is playing out within your own perfect divine timing. Trust this.

2. Employ the art of positive selfishness

These days I don’t spend much time concerned with what others think about me. Why? Because I’d rather think about myself instead!

In other words, while you’re feeling anxiety about other people’s thoughts, they’re probably too busy thinking about themselves to bother judging you. You may be locked in a fear trap, unable to move forward because of what others “might” think of you. Meanwhile, you could be spending that valuable time enjoying your own interests, passions and even idiosyncrasies.

It is only the authentic you that can guide you back to you, so adopt a mindset of positive selfishness. Whenever your mind strays to anxiety over what “could” happen, build your confidence back up with the excitement you have waiting, bubbling beneath the surface. And, if you feel disconnected from your desires, then dedicate time to rediscovering them.

You are perfectly designed to be you. If you step fully into exploring what it means to be you, you’ll be too busy to worry about what everyone else is doing. Marinate in your own magic.

3. Judgment is reflective

When we fear judgment, we are usually judging ourselves. Are some of the things you fear similar to negative thoughts you have about yourself?

Self-care and self-love are the routes back to feeling good. Think of the negative stories you have been telling yourself as fiction. Plan out a more expansive option for yourself; stretch your own possibilities: how can you rewrite your biggest anxieties into something more workable?

Finally, we are all reflections of each other. So, those people who you admire, who you believe are better than you or more beautiful and so on, are actually all a part of you. You are as great as what you see. When you start to feel low, send out compliments and good thoughts to those you admire and adore, strangers and friends. Everything is reflective, so get ready to receive the good that you choose to perceive.

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