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Something big has come through and I’m to share it with you: Manifesting does not occur on this plane; or rather, it can, but it takes a great deal of time, effort and will. The quickest, most effective way to create something—be it a need or desired outcome—is “on the other side.”

What does this mean? It means prayer. Ya, not sexy to some, but it’s the truth. Prayer comes in many forms like meditation, visualization, affirmation, chanting, and general conversations with the unseen forces, who are all simply waiting to assist you.

Don’t believe they’re there? Oh, they’re there! As your resident inter-dimensional explorer, I can assure you of this. I have seen and talked with a great many of them, be it on powerful hallucinogenics, during breathwork or meditation or as a child when the veil was still thin. I’m telling you, they are there, and you can either choose to believe and reap the assistance and many benefits that await you—or not. Your choice. Literally, it’s a choice you make. You get to choose.

How to communicate with these beings? You just do. It may be clumsy at first, but love doesn’t judge and that’s what they’re made of. It is their only desire to assist you. As they see it, any soul who has been chosen to incarnate here is a warrior rockstar of the highest order, not to mention incredibly lucky. Like, one in a zillion kinda lucky! Do you know how many souls applied for the chance to be a human on this planet at this pivotal moment? The tickets weren’t cheap! And you’re paying in karma points. They are ready to assist you at any moment; it was part of the package deal.

There is one catch and it’s an easy one to rectify: they need your permission. So, next time you’re needing assistance, try this: Go to a quiet place, close your eyes and breathe ten breaths in and out, then speak inside of yourself and ask for assistance with the matter. Let them know the exact desired outcome and, most importantly, the feeling you’re after. Hand over the entire situation, giving them permission to assist.

There is an exact art to wording and formulating wishes, but that’s for another entry. To learn more, a fantastic starting point would be one of my favorite books of all time, The Twelve Conditions of a Miracle. One important universal law worth noting is that the more people who will be positively affected by your wish, the more angelic power is assigned to it. Selfish wishes get bumped to the bottom, kinda like the police force in a dangerous neighborhood. They’re not too concerned with your neighbor’s music when people are getting shot nearby.

My last piece of advice would be to end every prayer with this closing statement: “Please allow these and even better things to happen in ways that are for the highest good of me and all concerned. So must it be!” This is your umbrella insurance.

Good luck and may all your selfless wishes come true,


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