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Jessie May Wolfe is all heart.

After struggling with meditation herself, the healer began to see that, without moving through emotional blockages, there could be no forward momentum. Ultimately, that realization led her to found HeartRise, a method of meditation and inner investigation that allows people to plug into their heart wisdom and build emotional resilience.

Whether working with teams of creatives, executives and educators or individuals, Wolfe’s goal is to help people increase and build leadership strategies around emotional intelligence.

Here, she explains why now, more than ever, it’s essential that we lead with love:

LIVE THE PROCESS: What first led you to explore the world of healing and meditation?

JESSIE MAY WOLFE: I was always curious by nature, but it was my journey through life in all the various chapters—as an entrepreneur, creative, through extensive travels and working in various industries—that led me to better understand how connected we all are. It became clear that there is another intelligence and presence available that we can connect to through our healing and, ultimately, be guided by with our heart.

LTP: How did you come to develop HeartRise Movement?

JMW: It’s my life’s work and an evolution. Each chapter of my journey gave way to more wisdom, weaving what was already inherent within me through a deepening of self, where my pain and curiosity gave way to my purpose. All this, combined with expansive life experience, training, travel and working           intimately with people, was eventually clearly expressed as the method I now teach, HeartRise Movement.

LTP: How does HeartRise work and what are the benefits?

JMW: HeartRise Movement is a very practical way to plug into heart wisdom and build emotional resilience. I found so many people searching for the answers within or the answers outside, and I knew the heart held the key. I struggled with meditation as most do and came to understand that, until you unblock all the emotional buildup, it’s virtually impossible to live a spiritual life or be fully present. HeartRise is a practical approach, a four-step method that can be used on the regular and builds heart strength and EQ with time, so you can be more responsive and less reactive (essential in these trying times). It helps us feel through, so we can heal through and empower the loving wisdom we all have within.

LTP: For you, what does the “Divine Feminine” mean and why is it important that we—as individuals and a collective conscience—connect to that part of ourselves?

JMW:Divine Feminine” is a natural part of us all. To me, it’s the natural essence of our heart’s capacity to lead with love. It lives in women and men and is critical for us to come home to now more than ever, to cultivate compassion and connection, to remember that we belong to each other and rebuild the world we all deserve. Toxic masculinity (emotional constipation and ego ruling) has been running the show for far too long—and look where it’s gotten us.  

LTP: What does happiness look like to you? 

JMW: Connection—to ourselves, to each other and, ultimately, to the planet. A remembering that we all share a collective heart and how much more powerful and purposeful we are when we plug in.

LTP: What does it mean to you to “Live The Process” and how can we all do that more each day?

JMW:Living the process” is to trust the unfolding, to honor our heart’s path. And practicing HeartRise is a powerful way to stay plugged into heart wisdom, expansion and flow, so that we can stay agile in trying times and open to what—and who—wants to emerge.

Image Via Ian Fisher

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