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Intention is powerful.

As scholar and World Bank Fellow, Michael Kouly, once said, “The purpose of your brand is to represent your purpose.”

At Live The Process, intention began at inception, with our name. There was so much thought put into creating a universe that didn’t exist at the time. I had the concept in mind for two to three years as it slowly took shape, coming into focus and fruition day by day.

As you grow subconsciously, so do your intentions and visions. The idea was to harmoniously fuse your inner and outer worlds, what we eventually came to call, “The Workout Within.”

How could we create this experience that brought you into our sphere, showcasing stories of evolution, positivity, beauty and tranquility, while also somehow thriving commercially? There was no “end goal” per se when we began; it was always about the process and being able to pivot however necessary to sustain this ideal.

Others will always have different ideas about how things should be done, but we trusted our instincts. We’ve held tight to our story, our way of being. And we have a clear idea of how we feel it should go.

In a perfect world, an endeavor like this becomes a labor of love, one that you continue from a place of passion. As your intention grows, so does your vision, as they work hand-in-hand.

This month, I wanted to honor other brands that do just this: they are thoughtful, supportive, give back literally and/or figuratively and have created something inherently special that vibrates consciousness and that constantly is evolving. Working this way, your purpose becomes your intention.

x Robyn

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