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Today is the first day of winter. And, while in some parts of this hemisphere, that’s evident thanks to plunging temperatures and literal snow, we are all impacted by the energetic shift.

We know that the winter solstice—the shortest day of the year—is a powerful time. But in what way? What does that mean? And how can we best harness that vitality and go with its flow?

We are so lucky to get firsthand advice from writer and astrologer Jaime Wright, who has shared some thoughts about what this year’s winter solstice has in store. Just a taste of what her incredible individual insights can offer, especially as we enter the new year. 

Live The Process: What energy does a winter solstice typically bring?

Jaime Wright: Though the winter solstice is the darkest day of the year, it’s actually a return to light. The days get longer after the solstice. I personally think it’s such an optimistic time of year. So often the Capricorn color palette is grays, but I always want to mix in some yellow and gold. There’s nowhere to go but up. 

Astrologically, this corresponds with the sun’s entrance to Capricorn, the cardinal earth sign. Cardinal signs are initiators. Their expertise is getting the party started and setting the vibe. Capricorn is an earth sign, so there’s a desire to ground down and get organized. But Capricorns can be freaky too! Remember: the Capricorn symbol is not just a goat, but a seagoat. The Romans celebrated Saturnalia—a festival that was all about reversals and experimentation to celebrate the end of a grueling harvest season. This time of year, it’s important to lay groundwork, but also leave plenty of space to later fill in the blanks.

LTP: What do we specifically have in store for this year?

JW: This year’s winter solstice is a particularly optimistic one. As the sun enters Capricorn, it immediately makes an aspect to Jupiter—planet of abundance and relief. 2022 was a difficult year—one that felt like every time we took a step forward, we had to then take several steps back. The Sun’s immediate aspect to Jupiter reminds us that it’s okay to have big dreams. The new moon in Capricorn on the 23rd also offers a reset and clean slate.

That being said, there are still some dangling threads and issues from 2022 that need to get settled. Mars has been retrograde since October 30th, a once-in-two-year transit that asks us to slow down so we can restructure, re-strategize and redirect our energy. On the 29th, Mercury also stations retrograde in Capricorn and forces us to slow down even more. Mars starts moving forward again on January 12th and Mercury follows suit on the 18th. Until then, it’s important not to force anything. Better to remain in visionary mode, sculpting and refining the big picture. Life is going to start moving a lot faster in mid-January. What needs to be resolved will be resolved in time.

LTP: One word of wisdom you’d offer as we begin the new year?

JW: Patience!

Things are going to work out. Threads are going to get tied up. The energy is going to completely shift in March when Mars, Saturn and Pluto (which hasn’t changed signs since 2008!) all move into new signs. Yes, there will still be problems. But these will be different problems. We’re soon going to put what we’ve been working through and struggling with since 2020 to rest. New horizons are on their way, though! Now’s the time to tidy up and make room for coming abundance.

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