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Where is your mind? Our co-founder Robyn Berkley talks about the role mindfulness has played in her life and the way in which the practice helps you become your own guide.

“Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.” — Buddha

Buddha refers to mindfulness as “the path to enlightenment.”

Today, the modern world has taken this concept and applied it to day-to-day life, in so many different ways.

As far as I remember, the word first popped up for me during my yoga teacher training twelve years ago. It was a word I came to associate with a way of living, daily practices, being present, living without judgment, witnessing impermanence without fear, anger or despair. In return for this effort to remain grounded, I found I got to be exponentially more engaged with life.

Of course, it’s one thing to maintain that balance during a yoga immersion; it’s another thing to stay attuned in the chaotic reality of daily life. Easier said than done, but, the amazing part is that, in order to return to the practice or get started, all you have to do is sit down, close your eyes and pay attention. The goal is to be a witness to your emotions without rejecting or judging them. By simply dissolving reactions to them, you become a kind of moderator, guiding your own well-being. Being able to observe and self-regulate is key to spiritual evolution. 

This month, as we begin to move towards fall with a focus on all things mindful, we’re so lucky to have Polina Aronova-Cahn as a guest curator. A self-described, “multi-disciplined storyteller, who approaches her work through the filter of mindful living,” she’s also a magazine editor, writer, connector, and creative strategist. Best of all, she’s my friend.

Polina and I met about fifteen years ago and were instantly kindred. We’ve shared in so many experiences over the years together and, most recently, she spoke in-depth to me about her study of mindfulness, which I found so inspiring.

This word has become quite commercialized and commodified lately, another way of selling ideas and products, but I don’t think most people really understand the concept at the core. I know Polina can help. She recently became a certified mindfulness teacher and, through her studies and the dynamic people she’s met along the way, she brings an insightful perspective, spotlighting mindfulness in all its forms, even the unexpected ones, and the communities bringing that way of being to life. 

I am so happy to introduce her to the Live The Process community as our first guest curator. We’re excited to help mindfully share her insights on how to bring calm, awareness and openness to your everyday.

x Robyn

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