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In order to be in a healthy relationship, it is essential to understand what the other person might expect or desire from you. Although every individual is different, I have found that there are four major principles in terms of what women need from men:

1. Fun

The fun that men innately embody has a childlike quality that is fundamentally light, carefree, naive and in the moment of now. This kind of fun is totally uncomplicated, unhindered by thought, and contains an adorable quality that goes beyond anything that could be planned or intentional. For a woman, this can be a breath of fresh air. It’s also grounding, as, in its presence, women need not think about anything other than enjoying, appreciating and laughing. It actually could be considered the antithesis of how a woman’s mind tends to work.

2. Certainty & Clarity

This principle is often a significant challenge for men to generate. The desirable certainty and clarity means that a man would address a woman with a concise, powerful approach that is not dominating or aggressive. When opinions or directions are spoken this way within the context of love and respect, the woman is relieved of the pressure to analyze. She is empowered not to have to take the lead.

3. The Role of Lover & Generator

A woman often dreams of being pursued and loved and having her man behave like a hopeless romantic, generating the love and intimacy that he knows that she wants him to want. His pursuit is physical, poetic, filled with words of infinite and imaginary love. The woman’s capacity to receive love is infinite; his role is to fill as much of that capacity as possible.

4. Profound Respect

This category includes all of the above and is essential for men to uphold at all times. Profound respect directly correlates to the woman’s experience of being loved completely.

Look out for my next post, where I’ll elaborate on what a man requires from a woman to powerfully experience being the great man he is.

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