What Men Require From Women

What Men Require From Women

After my last post, I think it’s important to elaborate on the essentials of what men require from women in order to deeply experience extraordinary relationships.

Generally, women are primarily focused on giving men what they believe men want, which is difficult because the actual male needs are rarely acknowledged or understood.

Here are some of the principle elements that men are often missing in their intimate relationships:

1. Feeling Safe

This is essential in creating a successful, powerful and happy longstanding relationship. The man feels safe when the woman is aware and committed, but accepts that the man is different from her. A man must be permitted to be himself. I’m specifically talking about that foolish child within him that is part of his greatness. It’s his brilliance and simplicity that she loves, but feels makes no sense whatsoever. Creating space for him to be who he is and who he is not is altruistic and a gift for both members of the couple.

2. A Visionary

Men need women to exercise their innate ability to envision and express clear perspectives on the future. He may think that the picture and reality she paints borders on psychic, but it is the woman’s gift to envision things this way. It is the natural essence of who she is. The woman must give herself permission to look deeply and trust her timeless existence to bring that future to life.

3. A Fulfilled and Complete Woman

Men are drawn to independence. Being fulfilled and complete as a woman—who loves and respects herself without having to be in a committed relationship to feel complete—is essential. That unattached state will allow for personal freedom, allowing women to choose the right relationship or none at all and inspiring confidence.

4. Authentic Acknowledgment

Building and creating inside the physical reality, for a man, may be anything but easy. This requires not only a concerted effort, but an artful skill and intention. A woman can help by being straightforward, authentically acknowledging the man, speaking to him lovingly and supporting all he has created and all he is committed to building. That makes his unique contribution feel worthwhile.

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