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My name is: Faye Baygi.

I live in: Malibu, CA.

I’m known for being:

Founder of Nutrifaye Aesthetic. I’ve been in the health and beauty industry for the last 19 years. After doing everything from being on live television as an expert speaker on body and face treatments to working at a prestigious plastic and reconstructive surgery office in Beverly Hills, I ultimately decided to put my expertise to practice and opened my own business in 2005.

Faye has a big heart for animals and a dream of hers is to one day open up a ranch and provide a harmonious and happy life for all animals.

Before I created this, I was:

A brand ambassador speaking on skincare routines and products, and an international TV host on beauty topics for many years, focusing on topics such as skincare, nutrition, wellness and more.

My interest was sparked when:

Engaging and talking with the TV audience about their beauty, skincare and wellness questions encouraged me to start my own beauty brand to help fulfill the needs that I’d hear weren’t met.

The idea behind it is:

Nutrifaye is to be a place for people to experience a holistic approach to beauty and wellness. Our goal is to develop a personalized plan to help everyone reach their goals for beauty, health, mental wellness and more. I wanted to create a natural and holistic clinic where I educate my clients on how to take care of their skin and body in a natural way, focusing more on a healthy anti-aging method instead of depending on plastic surgery.

What makes it unique is:

Most places only offer a methodical approach to beauty, just providing a list of services, with estheticians who clock in and out and are only educated on performing the procedures. Nutrifaye focuses on holistically enhancing the natural beauty within, educating clients on natural remedies, natural procedures and bringing balance back to their lives to promote self-confidence and true beauty that shines.

Something new I’m doing is:

Promoting my new skincare line that utilizes caviar as the main ingredient, which is really unique because it’s an enzyme exfoliator, meaning unlike chemical exfoliators, it only ever targets the dead skin cells. This is really good for improving texture and giving you that glowing, clear skin while boosting moisture.

Nutrifaye is also excitingly starting to expand into different states and promoting not only the skincare line, but treatments, and potentially teaching the signature techniques that allowed us to be so successful.

One of my favorite things (that I didn’t create) is:

Something that is so amazing with the world nowadays is that we can have the opportunity and the voice to tell people how to improve their well-being and, with the right conditions, heal the human body.

One day, I’d like to write a book that will reach international audiences about all the knowledge I have gained and all the advice I can give to teach people about natural methods—how to heal and improve the human body.

The words I live by are:

The lessons I’ve learned from the combination of my mentors and nature makes me powerful.

One truth that is so important, but people don’t always realize is:

There is always a way to improve yourself and improve your body without buying any special products or going through fancy procedures. What’s most important is improving your overall well-being—and everything else will follow.

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