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My name is: Jong Min Baek, but everyone calls me “Chommy.” 

I live in: Seoul.

I’m known for being: A mommy/fashion influencer. Like most women today, I juggle a number of things! I am the founder of Laverée, my all-natural laundry detergent brand. I’m also the founder and designer for PVCS, a line of wardrobe essentials based out of Korea. And I’m a mother to two beautiful babies. They fill my heart and fuel my passion in everything I do.

I’m talking about: How I want to transform the laundry experience. Most people don’t realize how important laundry is. Traditional detergents contain so many toxins, carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, toxic dyes and chemicals, allergens and skin irritating enzymes. That’s why I made Laveree. We made a product that removes stains instantly, but is still super safe.

Before I created this, I was: I created my fashion brand. When I made my set of clothes and I would get stains on them, I realized that market stain removers did not do their job. That’s why I decided I should make my own natural stain removal, Laverée. 

My interest was sparked when: COVID hit and, at the same time, I became pregnant with my second child. I started learning more about what goes into most detergents, and wanted to find a product that was safe for my family, but that actually worked.

The idea behind it is: At Laverée, we believe we deserve more from our home products. Our laundry formulas touch us every day, whether through our bedsheets, towels or clothes. That’s why we use only natural ingredients. And push it further by utilizing skincare grade enzymes to make products that give us the clean we need without compromising our health, wellness and safety.

What “Clean Living” means to me personally is: For me, clean living is a state of being. It’s an awareness of not just our products, but also our intentions, our mentality and our energy. It’s about doing what we can to prolong our health and stay present for ourselves, as well as the people we love.

The clean living practice I’m currently obsessed with is: Besides Laverée, I love taking time and care for myself every day through my fitness and meditation. This experience allows me to recharge and feel in touch with myself, to go through each day with intention and mindfulness and to appreciate the joys all around us. 

The words I live by are (the closer it is to our body, the safer it should be: There is beauty in the mundane.

One truth that is so important, but people don’t always realize is:

We have to take care of ourselves to be able to take care of our loved ones and communities.

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