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A few years ago, a very special book called, The Wind is My Mother, found its way into my hands. Written by a Native American shaman known as Bear Heart, the pages take us on a journey within, as he shares timeless wisdom and inspiration. One of the most striking passages introduced me to the saying, “To Walk in Beauty.” This powerful phrase completely transformed my way of thinking about beauty, inviting me to see it as a way of living that encompasses so much more than surface appearance or ideals of perfection. 

Bear Heart advises: “The way to attain beauty in life is through harmony. Be in harmony with all things, but most important, be in harmony with yourself first. A lot will go on in your life, some good, some bad...but one word, harmony, will neutralize any problems and help your life to become beautiful.”

When we create space for ourselves to experience and feel this kind of beauty, it opens a door to really seeing all that is beautiful in the world around us. This beauty we speak of is not to be found in the distorted images of “perfection” we see in advertising campaigns, but rather in the spirit that spontaneously arises in the simple moments of our everyday lives. Beauty invites us to look beyond the surface, awaken our senses and experience life more intimately. When it awakens within, we find a new appreciation and reverence for life as it unfolds before us.  

As we discover that harmony, we come into a creative relationship with nature and all of her gifts. Discovering the kind of beauty that Bear Heart speaks of is about living with presence. Diving deeper into the moment, we are drawn into communion with the world, and a new spaciousness opens up for transformation to take place.

Our daily rituals are an opportunity to experience the fullness of life in this moment. As we set the scene and create space for ourselves, we invite our inner beauty to sing in harmony with our environment. These special moments pave the way to our awakened state, revealing a life that is meant to be experienced in full joy. 

No matter what we encounter during our lives, through the darkness and light, beauty has the power to heal, transform and connect us to the freedom that is inherent in the moment. It serves as a powerful reminder that—even in the darkest moments—the spirit of beauty is to be found everywhere: in the kind eyes of a stranger, in the rhythm of our feet as we walk along the path to work, in the nourishing food we share with loved ones. The ways to feel and see true beauty are limitless. 

As we make space for beauty to weave its way into our lives, we discover the harmony of which Bear Heart speaks. By celebrating beauty in our everyday activity, we experience a profound sense of gratitude for all that is here for us to enjoy. 

May we, like Bear Heart, walk together in beauty.

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