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The dreaded and beloved Valentines Day is upon us.

As most of us have experienced, this Hallmark holiday can either send us into a state of starry-eyed romance and bliss or loneliness and depression.

Truth be told, I have never been fond of Valentine’s Day, regardless of whether I’m single or in a relationship. Yet, I have found a neutral place with it because I am a florist and the celebration has become about work for me. (In fact, the holiday is my busiest day of the year.)

Now, thanks to my newfound acceptance, I associate the holiday with love of all kinds: of myself, of my son, of my family and friends (who are so supportive of me) and of those in need. It’s an excuse to take a moment to recognize the love you have for yourself too, which is not always the easiest thing to do.

This year, I challenge you to try to spend the day spoiling yourself: Send yourself flowers or visit a nursery to buy yourself a little plant to care for, get a massage, go to yoga, nourish yourself with the best food.

Personally, the most challenging things I do is take the time to care for myself. Being a full-time giver and caretaker, as is the natural instinct of the Pisces in me, it is easy to forget that I matter too.

But, in my newfound allotment of time for loving myself, I have found some places that really help me feel relaxed, happy and genuinely loved. You’ll come up with your own spots, of course, but, to start, if you happen to be in the LA area, here is a list of where I like to go to spoil myself and take care of me:

Beverly Hot Springs

Juice Served Here

Wii Spa LA

Pho Siam Thai Spa

Café Gratitude

Vineland Nursery

Los Angeles Flower Market

Individual Medley Store

Sqirl Cafe

Griffith Park Observatory

Olive and June Nail Salon


Yu Family Acupuncture

Café Stella

The Drybar Pasadena

Le Pink and Co. Apothecary

Pace in the Canyon

Silverlake Reservoir Meadow

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