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My name is: Amanda McVey.

I’m known for being: VP of experience and programming at Upgrade Labs.

I'm talking about: Upgrade Labs (especially the new Beverly Hills location) and the upcoming Upgrade XP Biohacking Conference. 

You can find it at: Santa Monica and Beverly Hills @ The Beverly Hilton (the hotel that hosts The Golden Globes). 

How it works is: Upgrade Labs is a cell gym.

Cells are simple. They like exercise and oxygen. We use technology to feed your cells oxygen, induce the breath and movement of cells and train cells to become really good at taking in and using oxygen. When our cells are able to do this, the brain becomes focused, vision can be enhanced, energy levels increase and sleep becomes better—along with a long list of other positive changes.

All of our tools and tech enhance brain, fitness and recovery at a cellular level. At Labs, we workout from within—starting with cellular health—to perform with brain and body at high levels. Most of the time, we’re not getting results or performing to our fullest abilities because our bodies are sitting in state of “fight or flight” and not actively utilizing their full potential. This can simply be a product of the stresses of daily life from sitting in traffic to a hard day at work. Upgrade Labs works to get the body out of this state, so it is able to reach peak performance in all respects. 

We use our tech like the Virtual Float Tank and the EEG Brain Trainer to optimize the frequencies of the brain. By synchronizing the two sides of the brain, so that each communicates well with the other, we release the mind and body from the fight or flight pattern. A body that is calm and happy will not hang onto excess weight, will not be as reactive to stress and will bring overall balance to an individual.

What makes it special is: we take care of the brain in a different way than mindfulness and meditation. It’s common for people to mediate, practice breathwork and to take an in-depth look at their thoughts, but it is not as normal for people to actually exercise their brains. At Upgrade Labs, we use our tech to make sure the brain—as a “muscle”—is fully utilized and oxygenated. Our way is not only a function of changing people’s thinking, but also taking care of the brain and training the brain itself.

One thing you can’t miss is: Upgrade Labs’ 6th Annual Biohacking Conference: Upgrade XP, where we are bringing together powerful speakers who are not only on the leading edge of biohacking, but also living unstoppable lives. From April 5th–7th, 2019, they will be giving tips to help conference goers unlock their fullest potential and live unstoppable lives, as well.

The weekend conference will be both educational and experiential with 60+ tech vendors showcasing some of the technology that you can expect to see in Upgrade Labs facilities, plus more tech that we are exploring for the public in the future.

Upgrade XP will bring together a community of likeminded people from all over the world.

My favorite secret detail is: Instinctively, we look at our lives and usually rate our health on a scale from one to ten. In general, most people think they are doing well at a solid seven. Once they engage with Labs, they realize they are actually performing at two. My favorite Upgrade Labs secret is showing people a level of health and interaction they have never experienced before. We get to show people that they can achieve results and performance they didn’t even think was possible. 

Your body will thank you because: Your body can live—and live well—when you take care of your cellular health. Our cells are so cool. They live to help us thrive, but, so often, the things we do to our body—both intentional and unintentional—get in the way of our ability to thrive. At Labs, we believe every human is already perfect; all we do is strip away things that get in the way, allowing you to be healthy on every level.

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