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My name is: Denise LaPalm.

I'm known for being: Founder and owner of L'Beauxtique.

I'm talking about: Evening Body Serum.

You can find it at: L'Beauxtique was my brainchild during late summer 2019. Last year, we created Evening Body Serum. We focused on bringing it to market, which was especially challenging during COVID-19, so I was incredibly proud when we launched this February.

Before I created this line, I was: Working in the financial services industry.

What inspired me to launch it was: I discovered aromatherapy during my wellness journey to manage my stress and found that it lifted my spirits, even when I was in a horrible mood. I felt an urge and an obligation to do something, to share the experience with others, so I started my own luxury aromatherapy company, focusing on counteracting stress, prioritizing emotional well-being and, especially, balancing the busyness of life.

How it works is: Evening Body Serum's design is for use in different ways, so even if you're tired, stressed or low on time, you can still have a beautiful, effortless evening ritual. It works by applying the serum to warm, damp skin after a quick shower or a soak in the tub or, if you don't have much time, applied to your neck, throat, and wrists—done in 15 seconds!

What makes it special is: Our curated and intentional plant-based ingredients are what make Evening Body Serum unique. It contains eight essential oils linked to sleep or relieving stress and six nutrient-dense botanicals known for nourishing skin—nothing else. Evening Body Serum is an invitation to unwind at night and make your well-being a priority and, if you need permission, it’s a lovely excuse to do so!

One thing you can't miss is: The emotive scent. It is layered and slightly exotic, not overtly feminine nor too heavy; the notes are perfectly balanced. Scent can evoke a memory that can change our mood, and essential oils play a vital role in stress management because they influence the limbic system.

My favorite secret detail is: We gift a complimentary plantable “thank you” card with embedded wildflower seeds in every shipment, along with an intention for good health, happiness and a hope that our product can help the recipient carve out time for themselves.

For me, “clean” or “conscious” beauty meansMother Nature has provided everything that we need, so that means we don’t include weird-sounding, hard to pronounce, chemical-laden ingredients. But clean beauty is also an awareness that what you put on your face or body is equally important as what you put in your body.

One ritual you can practice with this line is: You can use Evening Body Serum as part of your evening lymphatic drainage ritual. It is perfect for applying before bed because it’s lightweight and has a relaxing aroma.

It can help you live your process because: The simple act of smoothing the serum on your skin is an act of self-care. It can help you appreciate your body and accept it for all its perceived or actual imperfections. Bodies can sometimes be a touchy topic for women, but being grateful for your body is just one of the ways to help establish a robust body-mind connection, leading to an overall state of balance.

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