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My name is: Meryanne Loum-Martin.

My stomping ground is: Marrakech, Morocco.

I’m known for being: The creator and designer of boutique hotel, Jnane Tamsna.

You can find it at: Built in a record time of eleven months and three weeks to open for NYE 2001 in Marrakech. 

Before I started this work, I was:

I used to be a lawyer in Paris. Member of the Paris Bar. Not considering going back, but I could.

My interest was sparked when: When I designed a first beautiful property in the late ‘80s, it was obvious that it had to become a hospitality project. 

The idea behind it is: Because the architecture is like a private estate, our wonderful, creative international clientele always end up chatting and introducing themselves. It works de facto as a social hub, a salon for creatives, a house party. As we are on nine acres of gardens, people who do not want to socialize have a lot of space and, those who wish to, meet amazing people.

My favorite lesser-known detail is: When guests arrive, the concierge gives them a tour of the gardens and show them the five pools they can choose from, including the two heated ones and the salt water pool. 

What it means to me to create something with intention is:

I wanted to connect people with the real Marrakech. Our gardens are respectful of the environment and remarkably conceived in the spirit of desert oasis. Our interiors express the cosmopolitan family that we are, the countries we’ve traveled through and our very diverse personal cultural heritage, blended with a Marrakech inspiration.

I hope that my guests walk away feeling: How different this hotel is, how transformative the experience.

My favorite space in the whole hotel is: The main salon which has a very elegant library mood.

This would make a perfect holiday destination because: It is easy to access and amazingly exotic, immersed in a very old civilization made of refinement, culture, crafts, architecture, poetry and history.

The words I live by are:

Reconnect, meet, soothe, relax and learn.

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