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My name is: Allison Moss.

I’m known for being: CEO and founder of Type:A Brands and busy AF working mama, who’s lovin’ every minute. 

I'm talking about: Type:A Deodorant—aluminum-free deodorant that’s a real overachiever. 

You can find it: First and foremost, you’ll find the full lineup at Type:A Deodorant. Also at Credo Beauty, goop, Follain, select Urban Outfitters and on Amazon.

How it works is: When I switched to an aluminum-free deodorant, I was so disappointed in the products I tried, which is what led me to create my own. Type:A deodorant was designed to raise the bar for safe deodorant and tick all of the boxes: an easy-to-wear formula that you’ll honestly forget you’re wearing, all the while staying protected against odor and wetness.

First came the patent-pending, sweat-activated formula. When you sweat, that moisture triggers the formula to spring into action. It absorbs the moisture and releases a complex of odor fighters. Little by little, each and every time you sweat, the active ingredients are released, mimicking a time-release effect.

But a good formula definitely wasn’t going to be enough. I knew that the entire experience of wearing the deodorant had to be exceptional—fast, easy and clean. That’s where our innovative tube with the button applicator comes in. Squeeze out as much deodorant as you need and swipe it on, just like a stick. The formula is silky smooth and lightweight, so it disappears and doesn’t leave stains or marks.

What makes it special is: From the start, the concept behind Type:A was to use 100% clean ingredients, and not limit the efficacy by trying to be “all-natural.” Embracing safe synthetics in the formula allowed us to create a deodorant that works well and is designed not to irritate the skin.

Creating a formula that wasn’t irritating was important to me. In my own journey, trying dozens of natural deodorants, the ones that worked tended to be very hard, rough sticks. I dreaded applying them every day; it took time for them to soften and, even then, it could be painful! (Don’t get me started on my husband’s story: I roped him into testing deodorants with me and let’s just say that for guys with underarm hair, it’s even worse). Also, I felt that if we did develop a next-level formula, I wanted it to appeal to as many people as possible. And, to do that, I knew we had to find a way around irritation.

As you may know, natural deodorants have a reputation for being irritating to the skin. That irritation is usually caused by large concentrations of baking soda (a.k.a. sodium bicarbonate). This ingredient is a very effective odor neutralizer, but it has two downsides: First, it can feel quite gritty, like rubbing sandpaper on the skin. That alone can cause irritation. But, beyond that, larger doses of the ingredient can trigger a skin reaction (often a rash) for many people.

With our sweat-activated technology, I knew we could incorporate baking soda (since its ability to protect against odor is truly stellar) in a non-irritating way. First, we created an ensemble cast of odor protectors, so it’s not just baking soda doing all the work. Because our formula releases the ingredient in small doses over time, we use a far lower concentration. And it’s suspended in a smooth formula that feels soft when you glide it onto your skin. 

One thing you can’t miss is: We just added two new scents to our limited lineup. I’m obsessed with The Dreamer! When we were coming up with scents, we were trying to be gender-inclusive, so I was unsure about going for something so feminine. Plus, I’m not usually a floral person. But our female customers were asking, so we gave it a go. It turned out to be a floral for everyone! It’s not super sweet or overpowering; it’s a truly dreamy blend of soft, delicate and just intoxicating notes.

My favorite secret detail is: The product rinses off super easily with just a little soap and water. No scrubbing required. My best friend said it best: For the first time in decades, she didn’t have to literally “shave off” her deodorant in the shower. (Sorry, men! But, trust me, this is a real thing). The fact that it’s easy to apply and easy to remove is an under-the-radar benefit.

Your body will thank you because: You’ve made one small positive change in your life that comes with zero trade-offs. So, just like the right diet, it’s a healthy swap that’s easy to stick with.

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