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My name is: Wendie Trubow. 

I live in: Newton, Massachusetts.

I’m known for being: The Detox Doc.

I'm talking about: All the ways in which we’re exposed to toxins, and the terrible tolls they take on our health. I'm also talking about ways we can take back our control, agency health! I was motivated to walk down this path directly from my own experiences with toxins and how sick they made me.

Before I started practicing this, I was: I was initially a mainstream/traditional OBGYN. I transitioned into functional medicine in 2009, and got very focused in 2019 after my own difficult run in with toxins.

My interest was sparked when: I went to Paris the week after Notre-Dame burned. Little did I know at the time that I was being exposed to 500 tons of lead dust! But my body let me know all was not right: I gained nine pounds, lost a ton of hair and had a terrible rash on my face after returning. I was finally able to figure out that I had a meaningful exposure and tested my levels to find that they were much higher than they had been in the past. I started removal and also tested the other toxins (mycotoxins—the toxins that mold strains put out when they’re in your body, environmental toxins, and pesticides/herbicides). I was positive for a ton of them and that was the spark to set me on this journey. 

It’s so important to weed out toxins because: Toxins are insanely inflammatory and, as a result, they are the root cause of many of our chronic diseases including autoimmune and chronic diseases, degenerative diseases like MS and Parkinson’s and dementia. 

The idea behind it is: You are meant to be vital, vibrant, healthy, able and interested in intimacy until at least 100 years old. Every decade should get better than the one before it. To get there, we need to optimize the function of the body and also remove as many toxins from the body as we can.

What “Clean Living” means to me personally is: Eating the cleanest and least processed foods, using the cleanest products on my body and in my home that I can afford and ensuring that I set the foundation for detox by ensuring I sleep well, exercise enough/properly and manage stress well.

One really simple tip that we can enact is: Get more sleep! You detox while you sleep, so, if you're not sleeping enough, you're shutting down your detox pathways. 

The words I live by are:

Don’t try to be perfect; try to be better tomorrow than you were today. Make one improvement now, and tomorrow make another.  Small changes, when sustained, add up to huge results. 

One truth that is so important, but people don’t always realize is: Toxins are everywhere, but you can impact your future.

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