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Queen Riri and I have a revelation to share:

Do you like to imagine that every guy you go on a date with or like is potentially your man? Gurl, you ain’t alone! Most chicks do; it’s a combination of bossy hormones and useless programming. But here’s the secret to knowing whether this dude is actually your man:

He will tell you he is.

It’s that simple. He’ll let you know he wants to be your boyfriend, lover, husband or baby’s daddy. Cause that’s how men do: They tell you what they know, simply and directly, as they discover it themselves! (Except when trying to break up with you, of course.)

So, instead of assuming that every guy you like is your dream guy, let us assume that he absolutely is not! Then, you can be your graceful self (far more attractive than a projection) and, most importantly, you can discover why the Universe actually put this person on your path. He could be your new best friend (an important lesson), your future husband’s cousin or the best make out session of your life. Or maybe he actually is your dude, but needs a bloody moment to figure it out. Forcing a man into anything he’s not ready for is a bad idea!

One thing is for sure: where there is flow, a dreamy adventure awaits!

Followin’ rabbits and kissin’ lots of sexy frogs,


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