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Life is an echo.

To put it simply, what you send out comes back around. What you give, you get. What you see in others exists in you. Giving can’t exist without receiving.

When we give to others, it’s important that we do it without expectation. We give without attachment—to either the gift or the reaction of the recipient. The practice of giving is thought to be one of the most fundamental virtues, a testament to the depth of our humanity and, for Buddhists, even the capacity for self-realization and love. But the act of receiving is just as important. For me, that’s the part that’s always been more difficult. It’s something I continue to work on.

I love the concept of giving and making someone smile. I’m happy at the thought of the warmth they might feel, knowing that I’m thinking of them—whether what I’m giving is a literal present, a show of gratitude or the act of showing up and being there for someone.

Ideally, I would want that for myself too, but receiving has remained challenging. The more I live my life, though, the more I come to value that quality in others—the ability to accept and call in kind gestures for oneself. As much as possible, in the past, I’ve ignored the issue for myself, but lately I’ve come to realize that being a good receiver is about valuing yourself. A true friendship or partnership is holistic and comes full circle. There’s no need to question or carry expectations, as you known in your heart that you’ll be able to experience both sides—and each will make you feel good.

The holidays offer a small, but tangible snapshot of this concept, so I thought this would be a great time to highlight that important life lesson. So, for December, we reached out to some ladies who have supported our vision in various ways and asked them to offer their perspective on giving and receiving. They’ve also styled themselves in their current favorite Live The Process looks—full circle again.

Live The Process has always been about offering some sort of information, lesson or introspective prompt for the day-to-day to help us all continue to be the best versions of ourselves. We’re always looking for ways to support our community and thought this would be a valuable conversation in the last month of a very transformationally intense year.

Wishing you all a final stretch of 2020 that is full of grace and love. Even though this season may not exactly be what we were hoping for, we’re grateful for what we do have. We’re taking a deep look at how we each may give and receive, as that is an eternal gift and keeps us whole.

Be kind to yourself. Stay safe and at ease.

xo - Robyn

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