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Today, I find myself thinking about something a wise, beautiful woman told me recently at a business meeting in Barcelona. She said it was her time to be selfish.

At that moment, I was not quite sure what she meant: Was she going to steal what was left of my salad? Refuse to listen to what I said? Bail on our meeting the next day?

Then, finally, I realized that her declaration of selfishness is exactly what I needed to hear—and practice.

It is increasingly difficult to nourish ourselves in today’s world. Demands of work, family, friends, health and well, general life, often take center stage. But sometimes we need to focus on ourselves, on our physical and energetic beings, so that we can truly flourish, live and excel at whatever it is that calls us. If we don’t, we run the risk of racing through life—going through the motions—without experiencing anything at all or, even worse, not being able to help those around us in need.

It’s okay to be selfish. That’s what I realized. In fact, we should be selfish sometimes.

This week, take a moment for you. Treat yourself to a massage, indulge in a longer walk to the subway to clear your mind, enjoy your favorite foods without guilt. Do whatever it is you usually tell yourself that you do not have the time, energy or space to do.

Be selfish to be selfless.

I’ll join you from here.

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