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“I want word of mouth to be our biggest voice.” — Jasmine Guy

From the time I started Live The Process, I knew that having a content element was just as important as the product itself. We even launched what is now called the “Thought Process” prior to the collection!

Our editorial has seen lots of different evolutions and iterations, but one of the biggest connecting threads has always been uncovering and spotlighting what is new, interesting and relevant to our community. I do this for myself constantly out of natural curiosity, so why wouldn’t I want to share my insights and let others know of my discoveries?

So, this month, we’re highlighting what I am loving currently. What brings me joy, balance, ease—from services to experiences to products.

I feel so fortunate that my passion has become my job. It’s really fun! I get so excited to stumble upon and/or try something new. It’s really what keeps me going, part of the momentum of my process. 

I rely on my community and all kinds of research in order to bring you an edited version of musts. Thank you for continuing to follow along and, always, if you have your own recommendations, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Word of mouth really is the most powerful tool. As author and speaker Stephen Covey said, “People are social beings and want interaction, and social leSophia Lyakhovycharning is the primary form of learning.” Getting recommendations from someone you trust is priceless. Stay tuned for what we have in store for you! Hoping you continue to enjoy my process.

x Robyn

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