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Live The Process offers a snapshot of one fascinating, fashion-conscious, driven and wellness-obsessed woman at a time.


Names: Krissy Jones & Chloe Kernaghan

What we do:

KJ: Yoga teacher. Founder of Sky Ting Yoga in Chinatown New York.

CK: Co-Yoga Director at Sky Ting Yoga. I run the studio, develop programming, lead retreats and teach public and group classes. I also choreograph and perform in theater and film.

My must have Live The Process piece:

KJ: Corset Bra.

CK: Tuxedo Crop Short and Blanket Wrap.

I wear it to:

KJ: Yoga and everything else. You can wear it under anything.

CK: From early morning privates, to mid-afternoon meetings, to teaching an evening group class—my version of suiting for a yoga teacher.

Life's biggest temptation or distraction:

KJ: The mind. You can get lost in there!

CK: Yoga retreats.

My latest wellness obsession:

KJ: Lemon water always! And lately I've been experimenting with oil pulling each morning. I swish a tablespoon of coconut oil in my mouth for as long as I can (recommended 20 minutes, but I probably do seven). The oil is supposed to pull toxins out of the mouth and body and improve oral health.

CK: I’ve become obsessed with tonics and potions from my favorite beauty store, CAP Beauty. I’m loving Glow Inner Beauty Powder by the Beauty Chef, Sun Potion’s Astragalus and He Shou Wu and Four Sigma Foods’ Reishi tea. I’ve been incorporating them into my daily routine since February and have noticed clearer skin, easier digestion and a feeling of clarity and energy throughout my day!

The secret to my process in a word(or three):

KJ: Good technique.

CK: Practice, observe, edit. (Repeat.)

My spirit animal is:

KJ: Stevie Nicks.

CK: A Spring Bok; or a 70’s platform shoe.


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