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Support is the fundamental ingredient to differentiation and growth. It is the silent variable that allows all other processes to occur.

In order to construct a building, much effort and resources must go into solidifying the foundation. Once the foundation is secure and the support beams are anchored and true, adding floors is relatively simple. However, if the foundation is unstable or the support beams are misaligned, building a solid structure is impossible.

Likewise, the microcosm of each individual requires support to function and grow, while simultaneously requiring support from the macrocosm. Buildings don't miraculously reach the sky without bedrock from which to climb.

Change and growth require support. Like a skyscraper's path to the clouds, much effort is required to secure the right support on one's own ascent to the clouds. To proceed on a path without support is a dangerous proposition.

There are two main factors to consider when examining support: Does the support enhance the differentiation and growth or does it detract from it?

There are a few question that precede that support question though. The first is, what are you intending to accomplish? Some people may want to make more money, while others wish to resolve nagging issues or grow spiritually. Perhaps you don't know. Then the question is, what support do you need to feel safe to figure out what you want?

Once you know what you want, it's time to do that inventory of your support. Do you have the support to accomplish your goal? If yes, great. Proceed. If not, what do you need to get the support you require? Do you need to consult with someone? Do you need new friends? Do you have an intermediate step to help you learn to find support?

Focusing on this piece and laying down the appropriate bedrock makes actually accomplishing the thing much easier. If you want to make more money, finding support to help you do that is crucial to understanding what needs to be done and also provides a reference of experiential knowledge. If you are trying to evolve as a human being, good support that helps you to recognize yourself and grow is paramount.

Once the foundation is anchored in the right support, you can begin to build. Like an architect whose masterpiece is underway, practice diligence, making sure that the support beams stay plumb as you continue to climb. Ensuring the longevity of your edifice, so that it may endure the elements and stand the test of time, depends on that solid foundation supporting a sturdy high-rise.

A major obstacle to accomplishing a goal is underestimating the support you need. Properly preparing and appropriately allocating the time and energy to cultivating the right support is essential for growth and development.

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